• Unfriended is Going to Change the Face of Horror

    Unfriended is in a league of it's own when it comes to horror movies. The alarmingly real feel to it means that horror fans will experience something very different than they have before. Because of this the film is seen as a game changer and it likely to change how horrors are presented and directed in the future.

  • Unfriended = New Paranormal Activity

    Yes, horror movies have been changing throughout the years, so has other genres, yet this sort of movies seems oddly similar to Paranormal Activity. Giving the vibe of a "found footage" type of movie, it seems like we are going to see the same yet over the internet. While I do believe that it will bring light on cyber bullying and the affects of the internet, it won't change the face of horror movies based on the fact it has already been done by another franchise. It does seem interesting but nothing new will be reveled.

  • Horror movies won't change.

    No, Unfriended will not change the face of horror movies, because it is just another horror movies. Horror movies aren't exactly rocket science - they do not have a large budget, and they do not have a large plot. That is not a genre that is going to change quickly.

  • Unfriended Will Be Just Another Horror Movie

    I don't think that Unfriended has the capability to change the face of horror movies. Even if the movie is incredibly successful, the fact is that horror movies have been made for decades and filmakers are still building on the success of the genre itself. Maybe a few have the tendency to be copycats but those eventually fade.

  • Internet Thrillers Today

    Unfortunately, there are some negative factors that come with the advancement of technology and social media can be one of those as seen in every day life. We hear of those that are bullied and commit suicide and so on. This movie is a thriller in modern day form that will appeal to the younger generation and most likely their parents.

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