• It's boring because it's the same coler and you can't show are pachent

    How dosent like whering free dress evry day it's fun and you can do what ever we whant i whant to where can we where free dress and how whant's to where boring old uniform and boring old fashen shose from 1990 how wheres that like helow bo bo bo ob bo ob ob uniform

  • I think uniforms are bad because their boring and uncomfortable.

    Sometimes uniform are uncomfortable because some people like to tuck in their shirts. But when its a hot day they need to takeout your shirt. By the way uniforms don't have really good fabric so its hot. Also, Students need to enjoy living with color. Students should be able to experience life wearing color to school.

  • School uniforms rule

    School uniforms are great because you don't have to spend 300. 00 a year on new clothes most sizes fit all. Which make it easier to get dressed. And poor kids don't have to be ashamed to wear the same clothes everyday, Not only does it make us look classy for real.

  • I hate wearing uniforms

    When i go to school i have to wear uniforms because i go to a private school. At my house, When i have to get dressed it takes long to put my uniform on. It bothers me. It makes me uncomfortable when i'm in public and i see other kids not wearing uniforms.

  • I think uniforms Are bad are boring, Expensive, And causes bullying

    Uniforms are boring because you wear uniform every single day it’s always the same school colors and boring patterns like squares plaid and maybe even more. The reAson why I think uniforms are expensive is because when you grow out of them you have to buy news pairs which means more money spent and some people cannot afford uniforms.

  • Uniforms are not boring

    I don't believe they are boring.

    Many students complain that they can't "express themselves/be who they are" if they are in a uniform. However all these were students in middle school and even high school as they found ways to break the rules, Wearing a heavy amount of make up, Wearing the tightest of pants, Showing where you could see their chest (as they purposefully kept the shirt unbuttoned and slightly pulled down, Or those sneaking in plain polo shirts with logos or sweaters with saying.

    Not having a uniform can also cause distractions, Bullying or harassment- which I know happens with uniforms as well but being in uniforms takes out the whole looking down on someone for the type of clothes they wear to school.

    All students have the time AFTER SCHOOL to dress how they want to, Be themselves, Be comfortable, Etc.

  • No definitely not.

    What could be more erotic than a nurses uniform or a female police officers uniform, Especially if accompanied with exotic lingerie and a whip. Thwack, Thwack, Thwack and be a good boy or girl for miss.
    That final explosion as your tipped over the edge is without comparison.
    School girls uniform for sure but keep it legal!

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