• It is undeniably true

    It is clear that the creator of the show Backyardigans lives a sheltered existence since the show takes place in a utopian dreamland. This leads me to believe that the creator had never seen a black person before. When he was forced to add diversity to the cast, Uniqua was created in the image of what he thought a black person looks like. Therefore, Despite the lack of dark skin, Uniqua is black.

  • She is an animal.

    All of the characters in the backyardigans are animals. Saying Uniqua is black is like saying my dog is Indian, It doesn’t make sense. Her voice actresses are all black, But that doesn’t mean that she is. Tyrone’s voice actors are also black are we going to make the argument that the moose is also black and not a moose.

  • No she pink

    Just look at her she is pink. No she is not black she is pink. Enough said. Just like tyrone is orange, Tasha is yellow, Pablo is blue, And austin is purple. The backyardigans live in a world where race simply does not exist, Just vibrant colours. There. Mic drop.

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