• Yes, the US's antitrust law is doing its job.

    I definitely think that the United States of America's antitrust law is doing its job. I think that there have been a lot of instances and examples where the antitrust law has been doing an effective job. I think its an important law that should be supported by the American people.

  • They are a joke

    I think we all know that there are loop holes in this kind of matter. It appears that most people just find a way to go around things like this. I would hope one day they finally put a stop to this kind of stuff and the world would be a better place.

  • It shuts down business.

    No, United States anti trust law is not doing its job, because all it does is split up large companies that are too successful. If a company is successful, they will just accuse it of anti trust so they can justify penalizing it worse. The world is large enough today that anti-trust laws shouldn't exist.

  • Too much consolidation.

    If the United States antitrust law were doing its job, we never would have allowed Delta and Northwest to merge, or United and Continental, or American and US Air. Comcast and Time Warner would not be in the process of becoming a huge company. The corporations have won, and we are the losers.

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