Is universal brotherhood more valuable than patriotism?

  • One human family

    Patriotism creates an in-group out-group mode of being that inescapably dehumanizes the out group. There is no getting around this fact. I would say that in the current world order we are imprisoned within this in-group out-group mode of being. The only way for the human species to continue to evolve is to somehow overcome this very real moral failing.

  • Yes it is

    The biggest provocateurs of violence, death, and destruction are caused by states. States hide behind the veil of "your country." This is why people can claim to hate their government yet obey every one of its dictates under the guide of patriotism. When we set up nations, we have already chosen to violently separate ourselves from the rest of humanity.

  • I'm torn by this issue.

    This is an Issue, where I disagree nor agree on one or the other. On the one hand, I can see where universal brotherhood more valuable than patriotism, simply because in a time where we can seem to agree on anything, people are mean and cruel to others, Racial, Stereotyping others are at an all time high and we need to fix that and come together to reach peaceful accords, but on the other, people have their opinions and how they deal with everyday life situations in the way they control their life, whether we like it or not.

  • No, sometimes people in our own country need to be supported at the cost of others.

    While I am generally a humanitarian and believe that we should be generous with the resources with which our country has been blessed, sometimes we must prioritize our own citizens over helping those overseas. This is because we may partially disenfranchise some of our own citizens from our own political process by not adequately supporting them with the education or available time to participate fully in that process. In effect, by spreading help too thin we end up using it as a tool of oppression and never lifting anyone out of poverty.

  • It is not

    I think that one of the things that has kept America strong over the years and will continue to keep it strong is the fact that we as a country our quite proud of ourselves and of the accomplishments of our nation. As such, it is better than universal brotherhood.

  • No, universal brotherhood is not more valuable than patriotism.

    Universal brotherhood does have value, but I believe patriotism is more valuable. If a divisive issue came to bear in a setting where universal brotherhood had been the norm, people will go with their country's side of the issue. Patriotism reflects pride in the land of one's birth. I believe this will trump any "universal" brotherhood.

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