Is universal education more important than economic growth?

  • We need it

    All children in the world should get an education. Example if the get no Education then the don't no how to read, write or count. If the go to a nether country what are the gone do the don't know how to use maps and speak a different languages. Thats why it is so important.

  • A necessity for a world requiring development

    If we some how become more financially developed through the progressing decade, (which is not happening happening because education success rates in developing countries is treading around 50%, in 2012 31 million dropped out of school and 32 million failed.. ) the economy of course will become substantially larger and able to support more people with the rising population, but the problem is if our economy is more prosperous, the impoverish won't be paid a wage because they won't get a job due to their lack of education and not making fair annual salaries, leaving the people in developed countries to extract the global funds and leaving the impoverish in a even deeper financial situation, worse than what is its currently. Education is key if we would the developed countries to have a growing GDP, the next generation needs to keep up with innovation or they will continue to fall behind.

  • Universal Opportunity for Education/Not Mandatory Universal Education

    Anything given freely is not truly appreciated. Anything forced on people is appreciated even less. Public education commits both errors. If a person wants to learn, she or he should have the "universal" opportunity to be educated. It should be a voluntary response. And they should have to work for it -- pass or perish policy.

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