• Universalism Touts Tolerance for All

    The Universalist church is a version of Christianity that touts tolerance for all religions and all belief systems. It is a unique church in that it doesn't try to recruit members like other Christian churches. Universalism is probably the most liberal arm of Christianity in the world in regards to its openness of other religions.

  • Universalism is a way of thinking.

    Universalism is not a church. It is a way of thinking. Universalism is the belief that all people will go to heaven regardless of what they have done in life. Universalism is a belief held by many within the Christian Church; however, it is not a church itself. It is simply part of a belief system.

  • No I don't see it

    I don't see how you can classify Universalism as a Christian Church. It is a different religion with different beliefs. Perhaps it is a long lost cousin of Christianity but it should not be put together with the Christian Church. If I was Christian it would make me very upset.

  • No, it's a church of no beliefs.

    No, the Universalist church is not really a Christian church, because the Universalist church does not believe in anything. The Universalist church believes that there is no right and wrong. The Christian church believes in things, such as the 10 commandments, and living for God the way the Bible says to.

  • It Has Many Christian Tendancies

    Universalism has many Christian tendencies, but I do not believe it can really be filed away as a Christian church. If you can imagine say four mountain ranges spread out so that tips of the peaks for the four corners of a square. From the opposite sides of these peaks we could say we have four different religions. Lets say for example all Christians are on the north-west corner of the square and all people in Judaism are in the south west corner. Now let's say Buddhist are in control of the north-east corner and Islam is on the mountain in the south-east corner. All of these people follow religion and we are going to imagine that they follow this religion by climbing the mountain and descending down the other side, all of them into one common valley that all four of the mountains share. That is what Universalism tries to teach, that while people of different faiths may take different paths or have different rules, we are all essentially headed towards the same exact valley. I believe it's a very sound way to view life and a great way to help people understand that everyone on the planet has value and worth. We are all headed to the same place. Some of us just have to take a different path to get there.

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