Is Universalism the best Protestant form of Christianity?

  • Universalism Accepts All Religions

    Universalism accepts all forms of religious thought, unlike other Christian sects who believe they are the one true way and everyone must recruit new members in their beliefs regarding Jesus Christ's mission. The Universalist church leaves behind many of the ancient aspects of Christianity and moves the church forward to be one of the most liberal religions on Earth.

  • I don't think so.

    Universalism does not protest against Christianity. One can have views that support Universalism and still be a Christian. Universalism supports the belief that all people will go to heaven while most Christian churches teach that the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. When I first learned of Universalism I thought it went against the teachings of the Christian church. I was surprised to learn that many Christian Preachers also believe in Universalism.

  • Doesn't Make Sense

    I do not believe Universalism is the best protestant form of Christianity. Universalism doesn't fit into Christianity at all and it's certainly not protestant. Universalism plays to people of all faiths and the accept all faiths. Universalism is more about community and how we're all headed to the same place, but may be on different paths. Universalism and Christianity are not synonymous.

  • It is not Christianity.

    No, Universalism is not the best Protestant form of Christianity, because Universalism is so far away from Christian teachings that it cannot be said that Universalism is even Christian. Universalists do not believe that anything is wrong. The Christian church is pretty clear on some teachings, like the basic 10 commandments. If the Universalists are not even going to condemn basic things, they are not Christian, let alone the best form of Christian.

  • No it's not.

    The best Protestant form of Christianity is simply just Protestantism. Universalism is bigger than Christianity or other specific religions. It basically says that there are natural urges for humans to use religion to explain and express the world around us. I think that Universalism is a more inclusive religion that allows for more people to be apart of it.

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