Is unschooling a good idea? (Unschooling is where students don't go to school but they learn from real life experience like household responsibilities, work experience, travel, social.)

Asked by: Abbie_vine
Is unschooling a good idea? (Unschooling is where students don't go to school but they learn from real life experience like household responsibilities, work experience, travel, social.)
  • I want to go through this.

    I'd rather learn by going to new places and learning on my own than sit in classrooms for seven hours being forced to regurgitate what I've memorized. I love learning, I want to LEARN. . . I don't want to learn triangle congruence stuff because what profession even needs that? And I base my self-worth on the grades that I get, Because my parents would yell at me if I get a B. Besides, School doesn't help you prepare for the real world like it's supposed to, And with unschooling, I know it will.

  • Hey hey hey

    Most students who start unschooling have already gone to public school or have done homeschooling. Plus unschooling is cheaper. You don't have to pay for the curriculums ect. Yes you'll have to pay to go to museums. But it makes up for the cost of the curriculums. So that's my opinion.

  • No I dont agree

    Kids need to be in an inviroment where they can learn to be social, learn and cope with their surroundings. They need to learn to cope with life and how to handle situations in the real world. Schooling your child helps them get tye experience they need and can learn from.

  • It provides freedom at a great level

    The children in unschooling environments learn have diverse knowledge from the subjects they choose. If done right, the children will flourish from knowledge become successful adults. The are many unschooled children proving this. A child can receive a great education by themselves. You don't need teaching to have enough knowledge needed in the real world.

  • Well, yes it is fine.

    Obviously there are times when unschooling would not be good for children, for example children who do not have motivation to learn Because it is sort of a self taught education you need to be motivated to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. Unschooling is not a cop-out for a education but it is a tool for those who learn differently. I do unschooling and I don't plan to stop.

  • Unschooling isn't worth it (there's too many problems/risks, it simply outweighs the benefit)

    Sure in the idealistic environment with a parent available 24/7, access to plenty of different resources (libraries, museums etc) at all times and a very motivated student - unschooling MIGHT work. But in almost all cases there is either not enough money for resources, not enough time that a parent can be home (they do often need to work...), or the student is either unmotivated or unsure of what they need to learn. In many cases students learn about very specific things which cannot be helpful in the future, or a bunch of different topics which leave them with no clear idea where they are going. There's also the fact that usually the student has little or no form of assessment which leads to them not knowing how, or being able, to improve. Parents get lazy and just don't teach the child essential things such as science or reading/writing. In my research I've found many accounts of parents PROUD of the fact that their 6-12 yr olds can't read 'Because they don't want to yet'. Not only this, but it can be very difficult for students to fit back into society if they wish to continue education and/or get a job! They may find it hard to be told what to do after years of independence and choice, and working in groups can seem alien! They are also very out of the loop a lot of the time, meaning they don't understand normal social etiquette or behaviour. Unschooling can also be used as a cover for abuse, as in America there only needs to be an annual or semi annual check. These can easily be faked! It's simple, the benefits are that SOME students MAY be independent. The risks are that the student will be behind, abused, neglected, unmotivated, out of the loop, isolated and not used to rules/regulation. It's just not worth it!!!

  • No, unschooling sounds good but won't be for most people.

    Unschooling is probably fine if you're from a wealthy family and can go places with people who encourage discussion. But most kids would just be used as unpaid servants at home as in the 17th century! There's also the fact that the basics of math, science, and reading/writing are still necessary and most parents can't cope.

  • Students need technical training

    In order to fully understand what they are doing with their real life experience students need to first receive technical training. This comes from class room experience. One way to solve the problem of not having enough experience in both areas could be to require a co-op for students. This way they would be taught the technical side as well as get real life experience for different subjects.

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