• For me yes, But in general probably not THE best

    I have to add a supporting argument? Well, It's my own opinion. I loved this movie as a kid and to this day it is quite nostalgic to watch. Yes, There are definitely other movies that are very great or by the majority's opinion way better, For example Wall-E or the Incredibles. But, As said, This is my own opinion.

  • 1000% Yes, Obviously

    There is literally nothing wrong with this movie. I've seen it about 50 times, And every time I am blown away by how incredibly it is put together. It is also easily the saddest film that Pixar ever made, As there are at least four points in the movie where I cry every time.

  • It is awesome

    I love it. Brilliant message. Good for adults and kids alike. Comedic and serious when it needed to be. Brilliant music. It didn't need to have revolutionary innovation in animation or in the creativity in its characters. It had more meaning and better storytelling than any other Pixar film ever.

  • Of course it's the best.

    This is one of those rare films where you have a 10 minute opening that really sets up the feel of the whole movie. Carl is a elderly man who lost the love and inspiration of his life and you really feel that. The kid is that spark of adventure and acceptance that Carl needed to move on and stop waiting for death. I loved the relationships that play out and the feeling that you really care for them even if you know that it's just a movie, There is a universal truth in the message that they bring. This is such a wonderful journey and one of the many highlights of pixar, In my opinion the crowning jewel.

  • Yes it is

    Only two Pixar movies were ever nominated for the best picture and spoiler alert one of those movies was UP. Plus the soundtrack was also amazing. And it mixed humor with the sad truth that everybody lives in dies. It also had shown parental troubles and acceptance. That’s why I believe it’s the best

  • Holy Crap Yes!

    UP is a Masterpiece, It puts 3 Messages perfectly in one Movie
    1. Death is inevitable
    2. Be openminded
    3. You don't always need to prove yourself
    Russell was an excellent character and more than just the cute kid character.... It's shown he's had a Tough Life. His Dad is never around, He has to listen to someone who he never knew "Phyllis"

    Carl was Great too..... Showing that The Elderly aren't Grumpy for No reason, Something made them that way. Whether it be a major Loss or PTSD.

    Dug, He was an interesting character... All he wanted was for Carl to accept him as a friend (SPOILER ALERT. He got his Wish)

    As for Kevin...... Eh

  • Yes. Yes it is.

    No reason. Just figured I should write on this since nobody else has. No reason. Just figured I should write on this since nobody else has. No reason. Just figured I should write on this since nobody else has. No reason. Just figured I should write on this since nobody else has.

  • No it sucks

    Shrek is better it has a green scottish ogre and a magical talking donkey clearly it is the superior movie. Up is about an old man who makes his house float with ballooons. Try to do that with your house it wont work, the balloons will not do anything. The people who made it were on halucinogenic drugs. Well the people who made shrek might have been too but shut up

  • Nah...Don't think so!

    I have to say after watching Pixar for so many years, UP wasn't AS good. I think the Incredibles is a brilliant film, with the effects and the original ideas from the Pixar crew, am also a BIG fan of Monsters Inc. I thought it was incredibly funny - as well as A Bug's Life which I considered one of the most original plots I had ever seen and is one of my favourites
    So for me, their are better Pixar movies than "UP"

  • No No No

    Are you kidding me? I mean sure, up was an ok movie. But there have been so many better Pixar movies. My top three Pixar movies are, #3 Monster's University. Honestly, I expected this to be a total flop. I mean, there hasn't been a good Pixar movie sense wall e. But Monster's University was a surprisingly good movie, (I really liked Waternoose's afro) and for the most part, kept with the spirit of the original, which brings me to #2 Monster's INC. Monster's INC was just one of those movies I wanted to watch over and over again as a little kid. It was such a well done movie. It was one of two pixar movies that I still watch occasionally to this day. #1 Finding Nemo. By far, not only the best animated movie I have ever seen. Okay, Megamind and Despicable Me are up there as well, but this movie was my childhood even more so than Monster's INC. My favorite line is when they go to the drop off. "My dad told me what it was called once. He called it a uh uh uh, a butt! Whoa, that's a really big butt." When I was old enough to finally get the joke I just died laughing. I would laugh so hard that would almost miss them shout, "*gasp* Nemo just touched the butt! I have yet to see another Pixar or animated movie for that matter with that sense of humor

  • No. No it is not.

    This is an opinion question and I am entitled to that opinion. My favorite Pixar movie was Walle, which no one seemed to like for some reason, I just love the story that it tells and that they use music from "Hello Dolly" to tell if. Very compelling. Loved it.

  • I Still LOVE This Movie, I Just Think Others Are Better

    "Up" is a beautiful, Funny, Exciting, Heartbreaking, Heartwarming movie about all kinds of love: romantic, Familial, Friendship. On top of that, It's also a really fun adventure story. However, "Up" is not my favorite Pixar movie PURELY because I love "Finding Nemo" and "Inside Out" are better. Still, If you haven't seen "Up", You should. It's an absolute must-see.

  • Love it but not the best

    don't get me wrong i absolutely love up and it deserves all the love it gets the story is amazing the first 10 minutes are just beautiful and heart breaking all at the same time and russell is adorable but in my opinion many other pixar movies are better which just comes to show how incredible pixar is at creating magic time and time again

  • It's my number 2, but not number 1

    I think UP was a very good and innovative Pixar movie. It has amazing art, a GREAT story, great humor, wonderful music, and absolutely lovable characters. It easily takes #2 on my list. However, my personal favorite is Ratatouille. I don't really want to waste space on defending my opinion because i don't have to, I just prefer Ratatouille as a favorite Pixar movie.
    If anyone is curious my
    #3 is Brave
    #4 is Finding Nemo
    #5 is Monsters University

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