• Yes, I think urban sprawl is partly caused by excesssive highway infrastructure.

    I think with the excessive amount of highways we have in the nation that people can build farther and farther out from the center of the city yet still easily be able to hop in the highway and reach the city in a short term, I think this easily contributes to urban sprawl.

  • Urban sprawl is caused by excessive highway infrastructure.

    Urban sprawl is caused by excessive highway infrastructure. However, every year more and more drivers are on the roads and highways giving a need for more highway infrastructure. The traffic congestion that was face everyday is horrible and something should be done to help it. I think urban sprawl is caused by highways.

  • Just look at California.

    In the modern world, yes. Here in the United States and especially in California, we built miles upon miles of freeway before there was people to use it. Now we are bursting at the seams with people who have filled up neighborhoods created in the years following those freeway buildups.

  • no, it isn't.

    Urban sprawl is caused by poor city planning. In the United States it seemed we wanted to get away from the compact European modality of city building, and started building sprawling cities like Los Angeles, not at the time realizing how dangerous they were to the environment and world in general.

  • Caused by population growth

    Urban sprawl I believe is mainly due to vast population growth as well as a lot of economic jobs being in the cities. People are migrating to the cities because there are not as many jobs left in the country. This means the population is coming together in an urban sprawl.

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