• Yes, urban sprawl will get worse.

    Urban sprawl is a huge problem that is only going to get worse because the farming industry has become more and more corporate, which has pushed more people to cities. Only around 2-3% of Americans engage in farming/ranching so most people flock to urban centers for work. This has led to the spreading of cities, which has negative environmental impacts and may even cause the next dust bowl.

  • Urban areas are the most vulnerable

    Urban areas are vulnerable to conditions because they have a very low rate of production per capita which creates a high level of crime. They are also vulnerable to high levels of unemployment and drop out since people who live in the urban sprawl tend to feel stuck there. These contributing factors along with the over aching economics create an environment or worsening conditions.

  • Yes, urban sprawl is getting worse.

    I definitely think that urban sprawl is getting worse. I think that as the population continues to grow, the issue of urban sprawl is going to keep getting worse. I think that is why it is important that we as a society try a way to figure out the problem before it's too late. I think if society works together, the issue of urban sprawl shouldn't be a big deal.

  • It's not a problem.

    No urban sprawl is not continuing to worsen, because there is no such thing as urban sprawl. Urban sprawl is just people with income that do not want to live on top of each other in a city. There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a nice life. Suburbs are a good thing.

  • There is nothing negative about urban sprawl.

    Urban sprawl is not continuing to worsen. This is because it is not a negative concept. Urban sprawl helps people gain some space they can live in that is a little further away from their neighbors. It gives people privacy and relief from the pressures of having to deal with the noise of bad neighbors.

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