Is USA becoming more conservative (YES) or more liberal (NO)?

Asked by: CoolDudeBroMeat
  • America is waking up

    Trump has come and stumped the libtards and the progtards, America is finally waking up and realizing that liberalism and progressivism has never worked. I am glad this has finally happening, America needs to become great again. We need to get rid of abortion, same-sex marriage, healthcare and all of this communist bull. Go Trump!

  • Americans are becoming more conservative

    You cannot I repeat cannot keep taking hard working Americans paychecks and giving it to their neighbors who don't work but drive nice vehicles. We are done,and when the college punks actually get a job and half their paycheck is missing they might wake up, hey Collin how is the pay in the nfl? Oh I forgot, your not working! Let's play a game, you leave the country and we will count how many people care,ahahaha

  • Based on improving education and populism.

    Education and marketing that education. For years Liberals ruled the college campus eradicating conservative thought. Its absurd that the college campus preaches diversity, but not intellectual diversity. The Left wants everyone to look different, but think the same. People are starting to realize that. People are starting to see the lunacy of censored speech and an insane passion for victimhood status. Ideologies of John Locke and Thomas Jefferson protecting freedom, free market, and individualism are becoming popular again. Conservatism is conserving Classical Liberalism. We are the true Liberals and modern Liberals are just a bunch a socialist crying for government mandate for anything they find offensive.

  • We are fed up

    Americans are getting sick and tired of being told what to do and what to think by liberals. Liberals are judgemental , egotistical, people who attack anyone who does not agree with them. I never realized how nasty liberals were until President Trump was elected. I'm neither Dem or Rep but thank God I'm not a liberal!

  • We are fed up

    Americans are getting sick and tired of being told what to do and what to think by liberals. Liberals are judgemental , egotistical, people who attack anyone who does not agree with them. I never realized how nasty liberals were until President Trump was elected. I'm neither Dem or Rep but thank God I'm not a liberal!

  • Liberals are definitely taking over

    I'm not fond of the whole liberal philosophy but I do know that they're more tolerant of homosexuals, atheists and Muslims than conservatives. Liberal gun control is by far too extreme. But so is not having any at all. Liberals also see drug use in a different manner than conservatives. I'm a strong supporter of medical weed. Weed is legal recreationally in two states. Yes we are a liberal slash libertarian country.

  • The entire world is becoming more liberal,

    The social history of mankind has been one of continued conflict between conservatism and liberalism, and it has with America and conservatism just keeps getting beaten. Think about it this way, if conservatives always won the debates in America, we'd still have slavery, or segregation or strictly intra-racial marriage, and just like most of the country didn't like homosexuals nor did they support their marriage, the majority does now. Time has hardly ever been a friend of conservatism, and whether that is a good thing or not depends on your stance.

  • Sadly, we are becoming waaay too liberal

    While upcoming events will most likely change this, the united states is tipped off balance by the liberals. While gay marriage is great, things like more welfare and healthcare undermine the meaning of capitolism. Not to mention gun laws are counter productive to crime rates. Our government needs an equal balance of conservatives and liberals. Too many conservatives and we end up in a fascism, which would be horrible. Too many liberals, and we end up in a socialism or communism, which is even worse, and with bernie sanders (i shudder to mention the name) that isnt too far away right now.

  • Based on polling,

    A large percentage of the american people want universal healthcare, Universal gun laws, like background checks, and end private campaign financing for politicians, for a public finance system. They want to expand social security, and free education and college. At the end of the day, most Americans want freedom and equal opportunity to prosper.

  • The opposite actually...

    The US is not becoming more conservative by any means ...It is heading in the opposite direction and going towards totalatarian liberlalism.. In case the people havent noticed ...Conservative means holding the values and norms of the past (to a certain degree...A certain time period in the past) . Some examples of how america is now liberal and almost no conservative is the legalization of abortion, same sex marriage , etc.

  • There is a liberal trend today

    While the US is a fairly conservative country, there have been more liberal changes. The Supreme court has declared same-sex marriage legal across the country, many states have legalised marijuana and Bernie Sanders has considerable influence. However gradual the trend, it can be safe to say that the US is not becoming more conservative

  • Liberalism is taking over

    This doesn't change the divide between the Republicans and Democrats; Republicans will become more liberal, and Democrats will become even more liberal than they are. This would, overall move the country in a leftward direction. The election in Alabama, a deep red state, proves that this change is happening. Moore was very conservative, but Doug Jones was more centrist, giving Jones the victory.

  • America is becoming more liberal despite of Trump's victory.

    Many of the conservatives believe that America is becoming more conservative..Probably due to Trump's victory. Little do they know...Or they do not fully read everything, is that Trump did not win because more people wanted him. He lost the popular vote. In the past twenty five years, two times the electoral college made the conservative republican party in power despite of what the majority of Americans wanted. So no, America is not becoming more conservative. Very slowly it is becoming more liberal. Thanks to more college educated people. With the electoral college unfortunately, it favors the rural states more that the higher populated states where the majority of the higher educated people resides due to more college degree careers opportunities where rural America does not have much to offer.

  • Yes America is going more extreme left,

    That is not a good thing. For any country to go to extreme right or left will do more harm than good! I'm independent and most Americans should be! To be a political cheerleader will not help any country! This is not football, it's politics! If the only decision you have is corrupt candidate #1 and corrupt candidate #2, then you are not voting for either Dem or Rep! The closest reference I can use to point out is JFK, he was Democratic with Conservative aspects. When it comes down to it I want a person that can debate and negotiate laws and policies that are best for my country! And I haven't seen it yet!

  • Progress only ever moves in one direction.

    Forward. Gay marriage victories, less bigotry against racial minorities, and less adherence to outdated Sun God worship is sweeping the newer generations. Even in the Middle East, the Islamic states and the radical religious elements there resort to lashing out like rabid dogs because they know their end is nigh. The tactics of the desperate. In the west, our tradition worshipers preach of end times, raising hands in desperate prayer to gods of their ancestor's creation, begging for a judgement that will never come.

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