Is using a dorm better than staying at home?

Asked by: sihyeongl
  • I think it is can be a worthwhile experience.

    Because at some point of life time you have to start living alone, But if you don't have any experience you can have a hard time. But if you have experience with using a dorm I think it would be a big help for increasing your ability to live alone without anyone's help, When the time comes.

  • Dorms open you up to new experiences

    When I was in college I lived in the dorms. Let me tell you it's never been easier to get my asshole blasted by 6 or 7 cocks at once. Free sex is only a few feet away at any given time. I gave at least 69 men head, 100 men handjobs, And 13 blumpkins (per week). My asshole still hasn't recovered and this was like 13 years ago. The color of my asshole is a deep shade of purple like barney the dinosaur. It reminds me of a great fan fic I read about barney where he got fucked in the ass in a college dorm. But in this scenario I am barney. Think of all the free anal you can get.

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