• Yes, it is a good way to both recycle an item which otherwise would have taken up space in a landfill.

    Yes, broken toilets is a great way to save baby oysters. Not only does it reuse an item that would otherwise be difficult to recycle, it helps save a member of the ecosystem whose absence has been felt. Oysters were once an important part of Jamaica Bay and, with the drop in their population, they are no longer able to filter out the pollutants as well as fulfill other important roles.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Broken porcelain will make a great home for baby oysters. Over the past few years, a pilot project has showed that oysters can both survive and reproduce in Jamaica Bay, despite less than optimal conditions. The next step is to introduce more oysters to the bay, with the idea that more oysters could help limit erosion and improve water quality by naturally filtering pollutants out. If enough oysters thrive and reproduce, the bay could one day have a self-sustaining oyster population again. The idea is that the grown-up oysters will spawn, and their baby oysters will need a place to grab onto. The receiving beds, a mixture of broken toilet and clam and oyster shells, will look, to them, like the perfect place to make a home.

  • Yes, I think that using broken toilets is a good way to save baby oysters.

    I think that using broken toilets to save baby oysters is a very good idea. The first positive is that the toilets are not going to be thrown away and fill up lands fills. They will be recycled and help solve a problem. The second positive is that the oyster population is getting smaller because of over-harvesting and we are running out of oysters.

  • This is wrong.

    Using broken toilets is not a good way to save baby oysters. Therefore i am against this. I believe we can just use a good toilet rather than the broken one to avoid any dangers. To make this right, we ought to find the right way to deal with the situation and save the baby oysters too.

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