• Yes, using consumer data is ethical.

    Using consumer data to improve the quality of your products and for future advancements is not only ethical, but a great idea. It allows a company to more accurately stock a store based on its location. It allows companies to improve minor quirks in their products. It allows companies to market to the right people.

  • Using Consumer Data is unethical.

    Consumers exist in the marketplace to purchase a product or service from a particular company. They do not go to have their shopping habits, preferences, etc used for alternative purposes. Collecting data unbeknown to the consumer and using it for ulterior motives is unethical and violates the trust between a consumer and a company.

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EddieEddie says2014-10-07T09:19:39.283
Well, the fact is the consumers also look for a variety of information about the companies before they decide to purchase a particular product or ask for a particular service... There exist a plethora of online websites that allow the Internet Users to get such information and I am not only talking about the most basic stuff...Take this site for erxample: - they offer financial data of companies. So basically you can find out what the financial status of a company you are interested in is. If you don't like what you see, you go away. So basically why shouldn't companies be allowed to use consumer data (obviously in a restricted way) to improve their product and sales? We keep doing the same stuff...