• They ate both equally insulting

    How offensive the term is also depends on the person. I would be very insulted if I were called that word just as an African American would be insulted. Whites have also been enslaved/tortured in other contexts as well. The fact is that world history is interesting to study but terribly selfish, racist, sexist, violent and greedy. If we want to move past the past, we can't pick and choose which ethnic slurs are worse than others, we just need to stop using them.

  • Crackers are Dangerous than Anything Else

    Today, simple sparklers have given way to elaborate fireworks that can light up the entire sky above your home. Unfortunately the fumes that these crackers produce are harmful to the the environment and us.

    Copper: Causes irritation in the respiratory tract.

    Cadmium: Reduces the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, leading to anaemia.

    Lead: Lead in the body has a harmful effect on the nervous system.

    Magnesium: Magnesium fumes cause a condition known as metal fume fever.

    Zinc: Causes metal fume fever and also induces vomiting.

    Sodium: Sodium is a highly reactive element and combines with moisture to cause burns.

    Posted by: def
  • Yes. Both are equally fine with me.

    Even if these words may have derogatory histories, that isn't what they mean now. They are just terms to refer to a skin colour. So what's the big deal? I don't consider either one any more offensive than just using "white" or "black", because ultimately, they both mean the same thing.

  • Words are not the problem, it's Intent

    Epithets such as "nigger" "wop" "chink" "cracker" "slope" "beaner", and many others are used as a way to hurt people's feelings. Words are given power by context and intent. If I said "That mideval armor has a chink in it." would you believe that I was being racist? No. Because the word itself isn't the issue. I like crackers in my soup. Is that racist? But if I were to say "I'm gonna kill that cracker!", I guarantee you it's an insult. It is no more or less hurtful than any other word, it's still hurtful and bad. The usage of cracker is as bad as the "N-word". Giving the euphamism "n-word" is also an insult.

  • Both are an offensive racial term.

    They are both the same thing... An offensive racial term. Lets remove race from the context for a minute. It's an offensive term use to refer to someone with a certain skin color.

    The only thing more racist than either those words is for you to suddenly say it's not as offensive because the person it's offending is white.

  • It's the intention not the letters or the word

    The word and it's intention are key to understand if it is offensive.
    It's absurd to think that a word lives by itself in a bubble. All words are dependent upon the intention with which they are delivered.
    A comedian or musician could use the word to make a point, a regular person could use it to express hate or disdain for another based purely on the colour of their skin.

    Words are empty an mean nothing until delivered with intention.
    That this question even has to be asked is of more concern than the actual words themselves,

  • Cracker = nigger

    Both are used as racial slurs so BOTH are to be considered hate speech. Intent is what matters so if used with malice and intent they they carry the same weight. All persons regardless of colour can be racists and none should get a free get out of jail card. If people are truly equal then it stars here. Simple.

  • Of course yes.

    1.) You are completely ignorant if you say the n-word is worse than the c-word because of history. Slavery did not revolve around only Africans, in fact there are plenty of other slave trades throughout history that involved the enslavement of Europeans.

    2.) This entire topic is already letting us know that CNN thinks the n-word is worse considering they didn't bother censoring the c-word.

    3.) Conclusion: Both terms are equally offensive and should not be spoken by anyone, no matter what race or gender they are.

  • Its Just as racist

    It is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Its Just as racist

    It is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • It's Not the Same

    Because of what happened during slavery and segregation, it holds a different connotation and hurts a lot more when you say it towards an African American. And because the 'n' word was used more frequently towards African Americans, and cracker wasn't used as much, it doesn't have the same effect.

    Posted by: J4U5
  • Of course not

    Cracker does not nearly equate to the n-word and this is clear, when even in the question, the n-word is not fully typed, while cracker is. If cracker had the same level of offense to it as the n-word, then cracker would be referred to as the c-word. Although cracker is mildly offensive, it wasn’t and isn’t regularly used in society and thus, it does not carry the weight that the n-word does. The n-word refers to an entire race that weren’t even regarded to as humans; the connotations that the n-word hold are far more offensive and disrespectful than cracker.

  • Even this pole knows cracker is meaningless compared to nigger otherwise they would have used both words in the pole question.

    Yes ALL racial terms are bad, but if your taking the argument that these two words are the same you don't understand what nigger means.

    I have never met a "white person" who really cared about the term cracker, yet have met a lot of black people who deeply care about the N word. I think it's because of the era from which these words gained their power. While it's true some whites have been enslaved and tortured (mainly by other whites) the term cracker has not been associated with a traumatic era in our history. Thus why i believe the "n" word are far worst.
    Calling someone the N word, is referring to that person as worthless hence the U. S constitution not counting blacks as people at the time. After changing the laws I think they were considered 1/4 of a person and that was a victory at the time. Blacks in the era of freely using the N word where treated like property because that's what they were. They were sold, traded and even disregarded like an old dog when it suited the owners. These people had no rights and commonly were severely beaten, tortured or even killed for the smallest things like making eye contact. They would hang blacks from trees for amusement because there were no repercussions. And the United States were not the only people doing this.

    We have had it easy in the last few decades but let's not forget these people SUFFERED horribly. Terms like the "N" word are directly derived from these events. Yet cracker comes from what? In the majority of our history whites are not the abused, they are the abusee. Of course I'm not referring to incidents like the Irish, Jews etc because whites were both the abused and abusee.
    But to conclude this is why I believe words like Cracker are not even in the same league as Nigger. Cracker from what I know (please correct me if I'm wrong) originated from blacks in the era of the slave trade. But it has never been a derogatory term in the same sense the other words have been. Flocks of white people where not raped, tortured, sold or felt like they were not part of society because they were refers to as cracker.

    I apologize if I messed up my post originally it was a reply to positvepatrol, first time on this site and after registering and voting I had to put an argument so I copied most of what I replied to the other user.

  • First thing I'm white I feel that's important

    So my darling sister said that both terms are equally derogatory yet she could not say the n word and said cracker with ease. I don't agree. I understand that being called cracker is supposed to be derogatory but the word has no weight to it unlike the n word. I'm white so obviously I haven't been called the n word as it is used against black people. However, the effect it has is visible through all aspects of society as the use of this words has roots that go centuries back. This harkens to a time when black people were worth less than various farm animals. This word is use to belittle and devalue people with black skin.

  • Let's be honest.

    Is "cracker" offensive? Sure. Has the term been used to systematically oppress and disenfranchise an entire race of people? Absolutely not. "Cracker" refers to a group of people in a position of power (regardless if they are aware of their power or not). It's a testament to white privilege that there are people who could even consider the two terms comparable.

  • Different Histories .

    While "cracker" may be considered offensive by some, it isn't even close to the "N-word" in its offensiveness. I've been called cracker, and I just shrugged it off, because think of how much suffering white people have caused to blacks over history. The N-word has much more of a history and connotation than Cracker, and was used as a derogatory term for a long time. Cracker is relatively new and doesn't have the same effect. Neither of them is okay, but calling someone the N-word is much worse than a Cracker.

  • I think not

    The first thing I think of when I hear someone (an African American)use the word cracker is a.)that I don't hear it all that often, and b.) I find it a little offensive. However, if I hear someone use the Nword it makes me feel ashamed. Ashamed for the person saying it(African American or white) . I know that it is very offensive. So my answer is no, I do not think the Nword and cracker are comparable.

  • It depends but in general no.

    The N-word has a lot more history and weight to it than Cracker. The very fact that you wrote them that way shows that there is a difference. The only reason I say it depends, is because if a black person says the N-word to another black person then it isn't necessarily bad.

    A white person calling a black person by the N-word is undoubtedly worse than a black person calling a white person "Cracker" because of the history and connotations of the words. From a white person to a black person the N-word is derogatory, and refers whether intentionally or otherwise to a time when black people suffered and were enslaved in America. The opposite does not apply to the word "cracker" and it certainly wouldn't apply to the same extent.

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Bullish says2013-08-07T15:01:27.427
Here's the level of insult I would rank: White-cracker-maggot, Black-savage-n***er.
charlie2600 says2013-08-07T17:27:01.103
... Consider how none of you of you will even type out the "n-word." I think it's safe to say that "nigger" has much more stigma behind it than "cracker".