Is using violence to defend yourself from bullying morally acceptable?

Asked by: Zylorarchy
  • Only if they are physically hurting you

    How is it legal to shoot someone who is swiniging a chainsaw at you but at schools, you get suspended for hitting a bully who is assualting you and hurting you? If these bullies at school were adults, couldn't they be charged for assualt and battery? Even children have a right to defend themselves if they feel threatened.

  • Often they deserve it, and even more often, it's the only thing that works.

    We all know that schools will never condone using violence in order to defend yourself from a bully. Be it, self defence, or a pre-emptive strike after months of endless abuse.

    But in the real world, often... Putting a bully in detention isn't always going to work, there is no guarantee that any school punishment will work since they are so weak. Sometimes violence is the only answer against some of humanity's worst. If the victim is capable of inflicting violence upon his attacker, why should he or she not do so? Why should the victim suffer endless abuse? Especially if the victim is physically bullied and physically , that gives the victim every right to beat "the crap" out of the bully.

    I do not condone violence, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. It's not about stooping to their level, it's about defence. It's about stopping the abuse.

  • You Can't just let them hit you or things get worst.

    They will see that you are week and you will be much more vulnerable to an attack just because they take you as weaker prey. If you fight back you may get support by other students that might of been, Or are being bullied by that same person. It is not always necessary to fight back with your fists. It might be a better idea to make them back of with your words. But if they get violent be ready to defend yourself. Don't try to high kick them or they will simply grab you by the leg and throw you to the ground. Look for there stomach or there side. But stay safe and remember. If your being bullied (Physically) learn how to defend yourself.

  • Yes, why not ?

    I do not see why it is not acceptable to defend yourself from being hurted mentally and/or physically. Whilst I agree that violence may not be the wisest method; however, trust me, it is the most effective method to protect yourself and mentally compensate for damage you had to suffer. Well, as the old saying, revenge is sweet, no ?

  • If it's verbal no.

    There isn't ever a reason to throw the first punch... But if someone touches you first then by all means. I was followed half way home and pushed three times before I grabbed the person to the ground. We were both suspended because they had a no fighting tolerance, but don't roll over when someone touches you. It's a moral violation.
    What are you going to do when some is actually trying to take your life? You fight for your life.

    If it's verbal or cyber bullying, there are ways to combat that and trust me, public humiliation (ex: getting the school or authorities involved) is a great way to make it stop.

  • It depends on the bullying

    What is meant by "bullying". It's a broad, vague term. Is someone who points and laughs at you because they don't like your clothes or taste in music a bully? If so, GROW A THICKER SKIN!

    If we're talking about getting beat up, then yes this is morally acceptable. But don't let the problem continue, turn them in for assault and battery.

    If we're talking lies and gossip physical violence is not a proportional response. But if you can sue them for libel or slander.

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