• I have several reasons for it

    Lets see. . . It's a holiday that makes single people feel like shit since couples are constantly shoving their love life down our throats. As if being single 364 days of the year wasn't bad enough, We have to dedicate an entire day for couples so they can show off their love life. Staying on the topic of being single, What do you do when your friend starts showing off their relationship. You can't just roll your eyes because it's bitchy, But its hard sitting through a conversation where your friend is just GUSHING over her boyfriend. As for the friend in the relationship, What are they supposed to do. They know talking about what they got to their single friend is gonna make them feel like shit, But just ignoring the giant teddy bear and bouquet of roses isn't gonna be any less awkward. Also, The holiday is so overpriced. The candy hearts are disgusting, And what about the guys. The entire holiday is basically telling guys if they want to be the best SO ever they have to buy their girlfriend or wife jewelry that costs more than their life savings. In the end, They don't get anything. Some get lucky with some random present their girlfriend bought at Walgreens last minute. The holiday puts too many unrealistic expectations for people. Girls expect to get the most extravagant present ever and hope to have the best day. But in the end are crushed they got a basic present that their friend from 2nd period Geometry class got as well. The flowers you got, Yeah they are gonna shrivel up and die in a few days so your boyfriend basically wasted like 75 dollars on something that was gonna end up in the trash. And to that one person who has to say that it's the perfect day to show your love, Why not just do that every day? Waiting that long for your partner to show their love for 24 hours is ridiculous. And it's also expected. You know what isn't? Buying your girlfriend that bouquet of flowers and teddy bear a few weeks before or after February 14 and giving it to her. It's something she didn't expect and it means a lot more because society wasn't making you feel like you had to get her something. It also means you were just thinking of her and wanted to do something. If thanksgiving is the forgotten middle sibling of the holidays, Valentines day is the obnoxious child everyone hates except a select few who felt special every now and then because they got something from them on a few occasions.

  • Because i has dark orgins

    Let's start from the beginning. Ancient Roman men, Through instructions from their priests, Would congregate in a sacred cave in the mountains, And, According to the History channel, The priests would then sacrifice a goat, For fertility, And a dog, For purification. After that, Things got a little weird. After the Roman men sacrificed the animals, They would cut their hides up into strips and dip them into sacred blood. The men would then get naked and take to the streets, Gently slapping the women of the village with said bloody hides, Which, Wait for it, The women welcomed because they though it would make them more fertile.

  • Valentines day: because obnoxious couples everywhere havent done enough already to make single people feel left out and not cared about.

    Valentines day: Because apparently 364 days of making single people feel left out wasnt enough for the obnoxious couples we see everywhere these days, They had to go and invent a holiday uniquely dedicated to making everyone who is single feel more lonely than usual. And whereas Valentines Day used to be more univeral in its applicablity, Since it was more of a celebration of love for ALL those we care about in general, It has now exclusively come to be an implicitly uncharitable celebration by those who are lucky enough to have a SO, At the expense of those who don't. AND to add insult to injury couples talk about their plans endlessly and expect single people to still say the compulory phrase, "Happy Valentines Day! " despite it being a distictly unhappy holiday for single people. And really, Why the hell should everyone care and focus on romantic relationships? Like yeah, I know copulation is essential for the survival of the species but honestly the whole head-over-heels in love/dopamine & oxytocin buzz that we call love isn't as pure or inspiring to everyone else. If anything it can be cringe to others, Since romantic love causes people to ignore obvious flaws in character, An its not even an honest feeling since most of the time this feeling fades and turns out to be a brief chemically fueled illusion. Im all for bringing back the celebration of real love, Platonic or otherwise, That valentines day used to be but now Valentines day causes more harm than good due to be being overly exclusive (can't be celebrated by single people, Single people don't recieve gifts from people, Single people are badgered and treated as if they are desparate for a date for Valentines Day. A good romantic relationship is just as rewarding without valentines day, And a bad relationship isnt saved by valentines day, So it really serves no purpose except to make a significant portion of the population feel worse. Additionally as i mentioned above, Many singles feel very pressured to get a date for Valentines Day, So much so that they very well might date someone who they wpuldnt normally date just to avoid feeling along. Dating someone who you wouldnt normally date just to not feel alone on some arbitrary holiday is NOT a good thing. So it really is a holiday that serves no good purpose, It has been comercialized to death with a ridiculous amount of money being spent on it every year, Creates tension within relationships because gifts from a SO are expected rather than being based on real emotion. Maybe instead of people feeling like they HAVE to get something/do something romantic they should just do what feels natural, Celebrate their love on a day to day basis, Not get gifts if they don't have something worthwhile and from the heart, And maybe ignore single people less, Or at least leave us out of your jokes on that day.

  • Valentine’s Day is an Overrated, Worthless Holiday

    It’s just an excuse for partners to make their other partners spend a-lot more money, Also what’s the point when you can just express love every other day, There’s nothing special about valentine’s day and it’s concept and itself as a whole is imbecilic. Just why does it exactly exist, And single people are made fun of on this holiday because they don’t have/want a partner. Like aromantic asexuals. Having to get roses and a special dinner and chocolates and gifts would just be more a waste of money, This is probably the worst holiday to exist. Buy your partner these things on an actually good holiday, Like Christmas. And the single-pringle alliance shall rise upon Valentine’s day. In conclusion, Yeah Valentines day is pretty stupid.

  • Valentine’s Day is the stupidest holiday.

    This day literally is just a reason for your partner to enjoy more of your money. There’s also these stupid concepts of ‘roses’ and ‘chocolatey hearts’, And there are people that literally don’t need or have this romantic lovey dovey stuff, People like aromantic asexuals. This day is only for romance and it’s that worst holiday, There’s nothing major that even happened on February 14. A massacre of 7 people even occured on this day in Chicago of 1929. Entirely as a whole, It’s practically a stupid and useless holiday.

  • What's the point of it?

    Like, The holiday only exists to make people sad about that they didn't get a valentine. I just end up buying chocolate and mailing it to myself from my friend's house and eating it while watching romantic comedy. It is kinda fun if you're a hot person, But most people aren't!

  • Yeah, It's dumb!

    Thanks, Hallmark, For creating such a lame cheesy money grab holiday! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Lame, Stupid.

    Cheese in a can is the food equivalent of this "holiday". It's fake cheese, Just like this "holiday".

    So is aspartame. Fake, Saccharine, And terrible for you. Maybe one day it will no longer exist.

  • Why choose one day to express love?

    Showing love and appreciation should be every day, This doesn’t only apply to Valentines Day but holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. We should show these emotions everyday, No holiday should define how much you care for someone else. This is why I personally don’t celebrate these holidays as much as I used to.

  • I am alone, Call me Post alone

    Valentine's day is the worst holiday in the entire world because single pringles like me feel like massive dirtbags for being single because no one likes us. I feel awful on this day because the only person who could ever love me is my mother. I HATE Valentine's day with a burning passion. The best part of this day is going to sleep at night and waking up on a normal day of the year (LIKE EVERYDAY SHOULD BE! ) I HATE VALENTINE'S DAY SO MUCH. Let us start a petition to get rid of this over appreciated holiday. Or we could just boycott this holiday. Who even came up with Valentine's Day? ! I will find them and make their life a living hell. Or if they're already dead I will haunt their grave. Thank you.

  • The Vorst Holiday

    Total spending for this holiday is around 18. 2 billion, That's an average 136. 57 per person and that's too much. Just over half of all Americans 54% legitimately celebrate the Holiday, The others like mwa spend the day crying in the corner of a room remembering how lonely they are. Jewelry is the most popular gift for this viscous holiday because nothing says I love you more the expensive accessories. Lovers are expected to spend $2 billion on flowers, According to the NRF. I mean you can choose not to celebrate it, And then be single afterward. Before new couples choose to go forward in their relationship, The last question they should address is, “do you like Valentine’s Day? ” This way, At least you’ll be on the same page before getting into a serious relationship. The holiday was meant to bring couples together but has morphed into a commercialized excuse to flood florists, Card companies, Jewelry stores, And restaurants. It’s February, We’re only just starting to get over our post-holiday debt and now a forced Hallmark holiday takes over the middle of the month and we’re expected to spend even more money. My issue isn’t about romance. It’s about a day (in mid-February of all days) that reminds you to love your significant other. When all is said and done, Nobody should need a forced holiday to convince your significant other that you love them.

  • No it’s not

    I really like Valentine’s Day because Valentine’s Day is not a stupid holiday i think Valentine’s Day is a great holiday and not a stupid holiday ok and no I think that Valentine’s Day is not a stupid holiday Valentine’s Day is absolutely a great holiday for everyone good bye

  • Valentines day is useless

    This day is the one of the useless day which many guys will get slap
    and these guys think when a girls speak to him they think its a love and another thing is loving for money, Loving for money is loving a bitch and they think if they are having a more they think then can settle in life and rest of all. Some of them cannot express their love and they drag till the rest of their life and the girls tell them that they ditched me and the boys feel very shy to express their love and they will not blame on them. And the girls feel that if boys express their love they feel they are doing something to them

  • Good excuse to have sex

    Said all that needs to be said. . . But because of the word limit ill say it again here is a great excuse to get laid though every day is a great day for that this is just an official holiday for it and what more do u want from a holiday

  • It’s pointless and stupid

    My wife and I have never celebrated Valentines Day, and honestly i don’t know many people that do. Why in the Hell would anybody celebrate this day? I guess elementary school age kids do, that seems to be the only age group that really cares ab it, well...Spoiled annoying women too i guess😑

  • Valentine's Day is a GREAT holiday

    Valentine's day is not a dumb holiday. It is a holiday to show how much that one person really means to you. You should not have to tell you significant other that you love them daily. This holiday is a day to show how much they truly mean to you and how greatful you are to have them in your life. Therefore, Valentine's day is not a dumb holiday.

  • No, Valentine 's Day is not a stupid holiday.

    I think it is great we have a day set aside to celebrate the spirit of love. Love is a powerful and great thing in life. We should observe it in all forms whether it is the love for a partner, friend, pet, or family member and spend sometime with them.

  • Not Stupid, Just Overrated

    Valentine's Day isn't a stupid holiday, it's just overrated. The success or failure of Valentine's Day is a myth perpetuated by contemporary consumer-based industries such as florists, chocolatiers and card makers. For a couple to have a make-or-break moment on Feb. 14 is pure folly. Everyday should be Valentine's Day for couples in love.

  • Show your love

    No, Valentines day is not a stupid holiday. It is a day where everyone can share their feelings for someone that they truly care about, and to give a gift to show that person how he or she really feels towards them. It is a day for expressing your love.

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