Is Valve taking it too far with the new Counter-Strike ranking system?

Asked by: SmasherKO
  • Old high leveled players don't enjoy fun anymore.

    Global elites and LEMS who deranked greatly now play with others that are lower leveled and less trained. This annoys them and bores them unless they troll. Most players are now playing faceit and esl or cevo, and those who play alot, pay money to just play 3 games. This is madness

  • If you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you may notice the new ranking system.

    What it does is derank most players to their deserved rank. Many despise this, but some actually do think it was a good update. I personally think that it isn't good, because ranking up is pretty much a joke now. What do you think about Valve's new update for this game?

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