• Better story and cast

    Even though True blood is not bad, I think Vampire Diaries is way better because the actors are amazing, they really know how to act and make you feel their emotions. The story is wonderful because it has suspense, love, drama and sometimes it's also really funny. I love this show and I can't see why someone would not.

  • Vampire Diaries develops thematics which are not really develops in True Blood

    Vampire Diaries is a series that builds a plot with links that most of the main characters and can not really break easily. Ties of blood and family ties are particular regarding doppeleganger as Elena, Katherine, and Stephen Silas. And simple family ties between Bonnie and Quetsiyah.
    Tyler is linked to Klaus because he made him an hybrid and the only person who can save him with her ​​blood.
    In Vampire Diaries blood ties are more than erotic links refer to a drug as in True Blood.

    In addition, in True Blood there are no female characters who has a position of power in society and comes to manage it well.
    True Blood in power has made ​​foolish woman governor.
    And Vampire Diaries Elizabeth Forbes is In addition, unlike Vampire Diaries True Blood no female characters has a position of power in society and comes to manage it well.
    True Blood in power has made ​​foolish woman governor.
    And Vampire Diaries Elizabeth Forbes holds a powerful position as the sheriff of Mystic Falls. She doesn’t have a problem giving orders to her deputies. In True Blood. Tyler's mother is a member of the Council and also has a position of power in Mystic Falls. It is men who have power over the city, Sheriff Bellefleur, Sam Lerlotte is a mayor. Arlene now owns a bar in True Blood but women do not have a position of power, strictly speaking.
    In Vampire Diaries be a werewolf is not only a report of family ties by blood
    be a werewolf and transformed as such every full moon is a punishment for the murder that every werewolf has committed.Being a werewolf has a clear punitive dimension not like True Blood where being a werewolf is solely blood ties. Being transformed as a werewolf as a guilt dimension in Vampire Diaries which doesn't exist in True Blood. We understand better the curse side to be a werewolf in Vampire Diaries. The werewolf suffer during their transformations because they killed someone. True Blood there is no mention of punitive dimension curse among werewolves.
    In Vampire Diaries mothers abandoned their children because their survival instinct was stronger than their love for their chilodren. Isobel abandoned Elena because of that et Bonnie's mother did the same and before Katherine did the same.
    True Blood and it is the children who leave their parents,Sam Merlotte, Tara, Hoyt Fortenberry. The survival instinct is often stronger than the maternal instinct in Vampire Diaries.True Blood ideals but the survival instinct parents is not treated.
    In Vampire Diaries vampirism is linked to the issue of abuse of power of powerful witches.
    Quetsiyah turned Silas into an immortal, first vampire. Mickaelson mother, a powerful witch, turned her own children into original vampires. The other witches will therefore try to correct the mistakes of their ancestors to give a balance in nature.Because witches are supposed to be protectors of nature. In True Blood this interesting thematic does not exist.

  • Yes TVD is much better!!

    Vampire Diaries is better than true blood because it's not as gory as TB. True blood gets WAY too into the whole vampire thing. Vampire Diaries is not even CLOSE to as gross. It does have blood, but the show in general is not as intense.

    The storyline in Vampire Diaries is much more appealing in my opinion than True Blood because it always has new characters introduced frequently.

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