• He Still is Popular

    There are many people that are still a huge fan of Van Halen. Many groups of that time are still very popular in our world today. There are bands/groups that will go down in history in the music industry and Van Halen is definitely one of them. They will live on.

  • I believe Van Halen is still popularly followed.

    While Van Halen may not be as popular as he used to be, I believe there is still a rather large following. His music is still widely listened to and enjoyed. Also, music from this era is starting to make somewhat of a comeback. His music has always been a classic sound.

  • Everyone still knows who Van Halen is.

    Popular is a relative term. Compared to the average person no one has ever heard of, Van Halen is popular. In fact, he might be more popular than the current celebrities, because they have both fans and haters. Van Halen is just remembered for being famous in the past, no one hates him.

  • Popular with fans

    Van Halen is still popular with its fans because the band is familiar to many people who grew up in the 70s and 80s. The group had so many best-selling songs and so many concert attendees and the people who loved the band then still love them now. The band will still be popular for years to come.

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