• For me it is a tie

    My favorite rock bands are a four way tie between Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Bon Jovi, And Van Halen. So yeah, Van Halen is a pretty good rock band with good music I mean C'mon, The son was performing live at the age of 16 with his dad who recently passed. RIP Eddie, Hopefully there is rock music in Heaven.

  • Lol not at all

    "Oh wow look at me I can tap, I'm such a f***ing badass"

    Lol suck on it, There are way better bands and Eddie Van Halen died for not accepting Our Lord and Savior, Kim Jong-Allah, As the One True God. Absolutely disgraceful! His music sucks, He was a cunt, And I'm glad he's dead.

  • Van Halen is on the higher-most tier of rock groups

    Yet there are many more talented acts, As far as musical technicality, If we look at the progressive subgenres of rock. For instance, A mere list of musically sophisticated rock groups would have to include many bands before it reached Van Halen such as Rush, Yes, ELP, Frank Zappa, Kansas, Argent, Gentle Giant, Dream Theater, Cream, Etc.
    In conclusion, If your question was were they one of the greatest rock bands of all time my answer would be an emphatic yes. Excluding more experimental and progressive options, They were a group that perfected the "classic rock" aesthetic and would be a top 5 title for specifically the classics.

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WesleyBColeman says2020-10-30T06:14:13.893
In the end, It is a matter of personal experience of the genre, Expectation, Grammar, And preference.

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