• Veganism is the healthiest way of living I know.

    The myth that protein, calcium, and other nutrients are only in meat and dairy. We've all heard it before. And let me tell you, it is COMPLETELY FALSE. Protein is in plants, too. So is calcium, iron, etc. etc. etc. Even if meats are high in some nutrients, they also come with a special package of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and a whole lot more. Humans are herbivores. We do not need meat to survive, in fact it hurts us more than anything. Let's look at the way we chew food. In a grinding motion, right? That means we are made to eat PLANTS, and PLANTS ONLY. Let's also look at our digestive tracts. Pretty long for us to be considered omnivorous. I am vegan, and look at me, all living without any problems. "But what about our canines?" I hear you say. Think about hippos. They have the biggest canines in the animal kingdom. Yet, they are 100% VEGAN. And there's always the argument about how lions eat meat, so why can't we? Well in that case I would like to see you hunt down a rabbit and eat them WHOLE. Because that's what carnivores do. For goodness sake, WE ARE NOT LIONS AND WE DO NOT EAT MEAT!! PERIOD.

  • Veganism is healthy

    For all you uneducated people, I will put my points very SIMPLY for you to understand.
    1. PROTEIN IS NECESSARY BUT IN SMALL AMOUNTS. THE REQUIRED AMOUNT OF PROTEIN FOR ANY HUMAN IS 0.8g per kg of body weight. You can literally get your recommended daily protein amount from eating a bowl of small beans. It's that simple.
    2. B12 is necessary as a supplement for the vegan diet, it is only needed in very small amounts. Up to 12 micrograms. It can easily be attained in fortified soy products,

  • Yes, I think veganism is a healthy lifestyle choice.

    I believe in general veganism is a healthy way to eat, I do believe that many vegans need to be careful and must ensure they are getting the required amounts of certain minerals and such that they used to get from eating meat but overall with proper planning veganism is a healthy lifestyle.

  • Yes, veganism is a healthy lifestyle choice.

    While veganism isn't something I would necessarily ever partake in, it is something that I think would benefit some people. I think that it is something that can be healthy if done right. In this day and age, there are a lot of ways somebody can get their nutrients and nutrition.

  • Vegans Can Be Healthy

    Veganism can be a healthy lifestyle choice as long as the vegan is careful to add protein to their diet. Protein can come from beans or tofu, both staples in the vegan lifestyle. The calcium found in dairy products can also be found in broccoli, and broccoli contains no animal products.

  • No because science

    Deficiencies Include
    b12, Creatine, DHA, A, D, k12, calcium, iron, zinc, Cholesterol, and testosterone.
    Though some plants have these nutrients in them you body cant actually absorb and use them.

    1 myth is that you can to get B12 from plant like seaweed, soy, and brewers yeast. But even though they contain B12 they also have B12 analogs called cobamides that block the intake of, and increase the need for, true B12."

    There really isn’t evidence that animal-derived nutrients like saturated fat and cholesterol cause harm. Vegan diets rely heavily on soy which can cause hormonal imbalances.

  • They are unhealthy.

    No, veganism is not a healthy lifestyle choice, because the person is likely to miss out on a lot of nutrients. There are nutrients in meats, eggs and fish that people need. There is protein that they need to eat in order to have strong muscles. It is very hard for a person to get what they need with a vegan lifestyle.

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