• Veganism is a healthy choice.

    Yes, I believe veganism is a healthy measure to take. It has been shown to improve heart health as well as overall health. It helps to lower cholesterol, triglycerides and improves body functionality, energy and longevity. People who follow the vegan lifestyle are happy and tend to live very healthy lives.

  • Veganism is healthy.

    As a vegan, I can tell you veganism improved my health. A balanced includes all the nutrients needed, without hurting living, breathing and feeling creatures. Yes, it's easy to eat only junk-food and carbohydrates, without vegetables, fruits and legumes, but it's easy in any diet. There is nothing in meat you can't find in veganism, except for pain and negative energies. And stress hormones. Lots of stress hormones.

  • Absolutely, If Done Correctly

    If you watch any video or do any research, vegans live a much healthier lifestyle. Of course, there are the vegans that only eat junk food like chips or barely eat at all, and of course that isn't healthy. But, if you eat correctly by the vegan food pyramid, you'll live a very healthy life. Watch Gary Yourofsky or other Youtube videos etc. Plus, you don't see too many overweight vegans, now do you? I'm a vegan, 103 pounds and I'm living a very healthy lifestyle.

  • How is it harmful?

    Just as how an omnivorous diet is "Healthy", a vegan diet is just as healthy. Sure, one could argue that vegan diets lack the adequate nutrients such as b12, but you can take this nutrient through other plant. Also, one could argue that animal protein is necessary for muscle work. I don't care wether you're a vegan or omnivore, just keep it to yourself. But if there's one thing I have to say, both aren't unhealthy.

  • Mentally and Physically

    Veganism represents the philosophy and way of living in which its followers seek to exclude (as much as is possible and practical) all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, human and nonhuman animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. While this kind of philosophy has been around for centuries, the term "vegan" wasn't coined until the 60's by Donald Waston in England.

    Those who did not grow up living in such a way sometimes make the conscious move to veganism after learning about it, usually because they feel that is aligns well with their basic morals and ethics. But with little understanding, some may take the plunge blindly, removing things from their lives without replacing it to make sure their needs can be met. This can include, friends, family, clothing, bathing products, groceries, etc.

    Without proper guidance someone can end up depressed, alienated, sleepless, dehydrated and emaciated. Starved of nutrients, emotional support and direction, they may begin to miss the comfort and support of their old life and give up, or continue to push themselves until they end up in a very bad place.

    When done properly, someone becoming vegan for the first time can gain the support of new friends by joining groups and meet ups to get their psychological needs met, learn fun and traditionally vegan recipes from the far east, try out fragrant and enticingly new bath and body products and so on. In response, one may begin to feel satisfied and refreshed with their life, getting enough sleep, sunlight, support and satiation.

    When done right, veganism can be a physical and mental renewal for those that want it.

  • If it is done correctly.

    Veganism is an extreme way of life, but if the person living a vegan life is aware of their diet and paying attention to meeting their nutritional needs, then they can live as a healthy person, otherwise it will not work out well and lead to health problems for that person.

  • Yes. Veganism is healthy.

    It is healthy if done right. People often forget there are certain proteins and vitamins they need to stay healthy. As long as the people who are vegan make sure they are getting the right nutrients than it is healthy. Any food diet or choice of eating can be healthy, just needs to be done correctly.

  • No, not from what I've seen.

    I've know a few people who went vegan for a while and every single one of them ended up in the hospital will severe illnesses. By neglecting to eat all the foods that they do I am guessing that they are depriving their bodies of many essential vitamins and amino acids.

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