• Vegetarian most of my life and Im fit and healthy

    Vegetarians live longer on average. Up to 20%
    nothing else needs to be said does it.

    Nothing needs to die for me to live. And vegetarian food is delicious and healthy.

    America is obese because it eats in a ridiculous way, consuming meat which they don't need, most people do not burn the calories they consume, they are inactive and therefore do not require a high protein diet.

    It is just common sense which unfortunately most americans are severely lacking in.

  • Vegetarianism can be a complete diet

    The United States is a country plagued by obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and all of the diseases related to poor nutrition. This is partly due to the consumption of red meat. There are many cultures around the world that don't consume meat and as a direct consequence these populations don't experience the diseases mentioned above. There is a direct link between a vegetarian diet and improved cardiovascular health.

  • Yes, vegetarianism is a complete diet on its own.

    I think that vegetarianism is a complete diet in its own. I think that some people can definitely get all the nutrients they need to be healthy in a vegetarianism type of diet. A lot of them can eat eggs and fish for protein. So I think it is a complete diet.

  • Vegetarianism is a complete diet in its own.

    Vegetarianism is a complete diet in its own. Vegetarianism allows for the eating of most foods but excludes all meats including beef, pork, poultry and fish. However vegetarianism can be a sustainable diet. Ovo-vegetarians and lacto-vegetarians allow for the consumption of eggs or milk, respectively, but even a strict vegan diet can provide all of the essential nutrients and vitamins for a healthy diet.

  • That is what they say

    I never get why people torture themselves in order to eat so healthy though. I did a little studying up on the issue and many vegetarian refuse to eat meat, hence the name "vegetarian." That means they have to find other ways to get protein and other good nutrients fish offer. There are some things vegetarians can do, though. I just say, eat fish and chicken, it would be much easier. Both of those would be good for people, if the food industry wasn't so concerned on making so much money off of people's health.

  • Vegetarians Can Get Complete Nutrition Save for Certain Omega-3s

    Vegetarians can get every nutrient known to mankind from plant sources except for certain omega-3 fatty acids that can only be found in fish. As such, the vegetarian diet is complete with one exception. It certainly is healthier than most foods Americans eat that are high in processed foods with lots of high fructose corn syrup and the like.

  • It's A Healthy Diet

    I believe vegetarianism is much like a diet on it's own. Just as the Atkin's diet limits carbs, the vegetarian diet eliminates meat. I believe the common vegetarian diet is an all around healthier way of living and consuming food products compared to it's counterparts. You may refer to it as a way of life or a special diet.

  • Yes, it can be.

    If a person makes sure to eat enough protein by combining things like beans and rice, eats a wide variety of produce and foods, and especially if dairy products are consumed, then a vegetarian diet can be complete and healthy, at least for some people at some stages of life.

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