• The dietary evolution is 100 percent vegan (the Hygienists had that one right).

    Is much lower in sugar, much higher in chlorophyll, much higher in minerals, encourages soaking nuts and seeds, includes raw food juices, does juice and superfood cleanses instead of water fasting, allows and encourages unprocessed salts, superfoods like algaes, colon cleansing programs and healing herbs. The evolution of Natural Hygiene recognizes the vast nutritional superiority of whole food cooked foods over animal products (whether cooked or raw). The Hippocrates diet is one such dietary evolution. (See more here:

  • Vegetarianism is not essential for good health

    Although a vegetarian diet is a way to promote a healthier lifestyle, it is not essential. There are healthy diets that include eating meat. An essential part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise. Previous generations ate meat in large quantities, but physical activity was a daily part of their lives, so they offset the highly fat consumption.

  • No, vegetarianism is not essential for health.

    Vegetarianism is not essential for good health. In fact, humans have intestinal tracks and teeth that are obviously tailored to being omnivorous; B12 is required and obtainable (naturally) from meat. That being said, people are eating very unhealthily by eating out in restaurants, eating a lot of greasy food, and way too much red meat. Eating more vegetables and whole grains is a healthier way to live, and people should follow the Food Pyramid for a healthier diet.

  • Vegetarianism is not essential for good health.

    Vegetarianism is not essential for good health. I think that a mixture of vegetables and meat are needed for good health. If you eat nothing but vegetables then your body will lack the nutrients that it needs. Many vegetarians take supplements to get these nutrients as energy for their body.

  • It's a personal choice, not a mandate.

    While I generally support the rule of "eat more green stuff, eat less meat stuff," I don't think that vegetarianism is absolutely essential for good health. But I also don't think that doesn't mean vegetarians aren't eating healthy, it's a personal choice. But I don't think it's a choice worth advocating over all others.

  • Health Not Dependent on Vegetarianism

    I do not vegetarianism is essential for good health. I believe health is derived from a number of different practices. One of them would include eating healthy, but meat does not make a person unhealthy. In fact, meat, when portioned correctly, is very healthy for a human. Health is also determined by exercise, activity, frame of mind, and many other things.

  • No, meat can lead to a healthy diet if consumed intelligently.

    There are numerous societies past and present which thrived on meat consumption. Of course, one should consume more vegetables than meat, but meat provides essential nutrients for the body. Vegetarianism is healthy if done correctly, but is in no way essential for good/optimal health. If vegetarianism is not done correctly, the lack of certain vitamins and nutrients may/will eventually harm the body.

  • No; veg diet is incomplete

    Veg diets have so many deficiencies. Iron, Calcium, good proteins,
    In addition, it has a good taste. Liking of food affect the amount to be consumed, So if we do not like the tatse of certain food, we are less likely to it and more likely to suffer from the deficiency
    We need variation in the taste also, which is not available in veg diet

  • It is a good diet ...

    There are many diets that are available. Vegetarianism; although it may be portrayed as healthy, sometimes it even has its own risk factors. If the incorrect supplementation is utilized, then if she were to get pregnant, the child may have deformities or lack of iron. There are diets where it is called eating healthy, and once a week (or on special occasions) you can eat a high carb meal; a YOLO meal [ http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=o1zuWf9TiBA ]. It just depends on what the person decides to do . Also what their doctor recommends. There are so many variances to this question. But the main point is a person does not HAVE to be on a Vegetarian Diet.

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