• Don’t be picky when eating food.

    You may think that vegetarianism is a healthy way of life. But what about if your country has a famine? Sometimes, you know, war is peace. Let’s say the world has only one country. But there are people who hate the union and would like to have their own countries. The Union’s objective is a union. If there is no war against the haters, how would the union maintain a peaceful rule? So, there should be only one dominant country/species. For resources, just colonise other planets and make it habitable for normal humans to live in! After all, it might be needed, due to reasons like overpopulation, war, or dwindling resources. I would eat raw grain if my country has a famine and I would resort to ants. I actually have a habit for eating insects.

  • No, it's healthy.

    Vegetarianism is not only not foolish, but it's healthy. In this country of over-excess and so much junk food and diet-related disease, vegetarianism is very wise. It is also very wise because it takes into consideration the sustenance of resources and the environment, and compassion to animals. WE consume way too much in this country, and vegetarianism sheds important light on that fact.

  • No, vegetarianism is a healthy way of life.

    Vegetarianism is not foolish. It is good for both humans and the environment. We live in a culture that eats way more meat than should be part of a healthy diet and you can see it on the waistlines of those all around you. Also the environmental impact of eating cows is enormous, it has contributed to depleting the O-zone layer as cows are a source of Methane which is a key contributor to its depletion.

  • Vegetarianism is in no way foolish; in fact, it's a smart choice.

    Vegetarianism is a good choice no matter how you look at it. It's good for people, animals, and the world we live in. Of course, it's easy to see how vegetarianism helps animals. Animals have just as much right to live and not to suffer as we do, and we should not be eating them except in dire circumstances when we have literally no other option for survival. Vegetarianism doesn't just help animals, it helps people as well! Despite what you may have learned about nutrition, research suggests that a vegetarian diet is healthier than one that includes meat. There's also the conditions for workers in the meat industry to be considered. Some people have argued against vegetarianism by bringing up the suffering of workers on farms, but workers in meat factories often face the same and even more dangerous working environments. We all need to eat things grown on farms, but we don't need to eat meat, and can avoid contributing to human suffering by avoiding it. Finally, there's the environmental aspect of vegetarianism. A vegetarian diet takes less energy to produce and overall has a less negative environmental impact on our Earth than one that includes meat. This is, again, another example of how vegetarianism can help humans. A less damaged planet is a healthier one for us to live on. Vegetarianism can also help reduce world hunger. It takes much less and is much more efficient to grow vegetarian food that is fed directly to humans than to grow food for animals which are then turned into human food. Overall, no matter which angle you look at the issue from, vegetarianism is a good decision and should be adopted by more people worldwide.

  • No, vegetarianism is not foolish, it provides a healthy physical life as well as a moral one.

    Vegetarianism is not foolish because not only is it a healthy way for someone to live, but there are also moral reasons why people would want to turn toward the lifestyle. It is healthy because when a person sticks to a diet containing the nutrients and vitamins they need, while avoiding fats, they tend to maintain a healthier way of life. Morally, there are no animals killed to make the food that vegetarians eat so there would be no bloodshed whatsoever for the food.

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