Is verbal bullying just as bad as physical bullying?

  • Verbal Bullying is worse than Physical Bullying

    All types of bullying are horrible and need to be stopped but only in a perfect world would where we live be completely bully free. Many people get bullied physically but personally verbal bullying hurts more. Its worse because your mind processes the words said much more harshly than any actions that were done.

  • Yes, it's worse.

    Even though it's not hurting you physically, it's hurting you somewhere 10 times harder to heal: your heart. The bully's words are constantly in your head, and you can't escape from them. Teenage girls will be mean, but there comes a time when enough is enough and they need to stop and think about how their actions are affecting others.

  • Yes, absolutely because...

    Even though emotional bullying doesn't leave a physical scar, the words that have been said to you, don't go away. A wound can heal (doesn't make it right.. But...) but an emotional wound never goes away. You always have to carry that baggage that someone called you names and was rude to you and everything else.

  • All forms of bullying is bad.

    That's all there is to it. Verbal bullying brings down a person's self-esteem and cuts them verbally while physical bullying also cuts just as bad just in another form. A victim's opinion about themselves can also change as an effect of verbal bullying just as if a bully physically bullies a victim the victim would think that they are worthless and that is why they are being harmed. Bullying can have many effects such as, the victim thinks badly about themselves then they will have less self respect and that can lead to them physically harming themselves. Also verbal bullying can lead to physical bullying in another way. If a victim has such thick skin that verbal bullying doesn't get to them, then a bully might change to physical bullying because verbal bullying doesn't get a reaction out of them.

  • Verbal bullying is just as bad

    I believe that verbal bullying is just as bad, if not worse, than physical bullying. Verbal bullying cuts people where it really emotionally hurts: insecurities, fears, personal problems. Physical bullying hurts temporarily of course but it doesn't generally leave those emotional scars that haunt a person for years to come.

  • All bullying is terrible.

    Why do people bully other people?
    In the Annual Bullying Survey 2016, Just over a third of people who bully said that they don't spend much time with their parents or guardians.
    A similar number of bullies also said that there were arguments at home every day.
    Other things mentioned included stressful experiences like a big family fallout and the death of a pet.
    The survey by charity Ditch the Label spoke to 8, 850 people aged 12 to 20 years old. 14% said they had bullied.
    The results also suggest that people who have been bullied are almost twice as likely to become bullies.

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  • Verbal Bullying is even worse than Physical Bullying!

    Physical Bullying isn't as bad as Verbal Bullying because if someone came and started beating you up, those bruses will eventually heal, but if someone came up to you and said bad things about you or called you a name, those harsh words will always be in your head and you'll never forget it. There's also a saying related to that, "Words Bleed".

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  • Actually, it might even be worse

    I am not saying that I think that verbal bullying is good, but I've been studying bullying and I have found out that being bullied has a big effect on verbal bullying. Sometimes words hurt more than a sword. I agree that physical bullying can hurt but it doesn't usually leave those painful scars while verbal bullying goes right into your heart and stays there.

  • Is this a tricky question.

    It makes me roll my eyes that something as simple as name calling can be in the same category as full on assault. If someone calls you names, you have a choice to not care about what they say, while when someone straight out beats you, what defense is there to that? Being called names is ironically beneficial to children, as it helps them deal with the same thing later in their life and if they don't do something as stupid as kill themselves, they will look back and look at this as if it was some sort of joke.

  • When presented with verbal bullying, one is given a choice

    When a person verbally abuses you it hurts. I know it does, but the words that are said by these abusive and rude people can mean everything to you, or you can forget about them. You can choose for yourself if you will let their words make you kill yourself. You can choose for yourself if you are going to let their words make you feel fat, worthless and ugly. When a person is physically abused, they have no choice but to face the pain. They can't choose if they'll let physicality hurt them, because it does.
    Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words don't have to hurt you.

  • You have a choice about whether you are effected if you are verbally bullied

    If you take the attitude that you really just don't care then you aren't effected by verbal bullying, unless it is of the sort that damages you economically through attacking your reputation. However, I would rather lose a job or a promotion than break a bone or rupture vital organs.

    Realizing you have this power not to be effected and remembering that you have this power when the time comes takes some maturity which is why teenagers are often more effected by verbal bullying than adults.

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