• Verizon is better

    Yes I do think that Verizon is a better network for the iPhone. Honestly I have used and had service from Verizon for the entire length of time that I have had a cell phone. I have never had any problems. But i have used AT&T as my Internet service lately and had a vast majority of problems.

  • Yes, I think Verizon is better.

    Yes, I think Verizon is better. I feel they have a much better signal and style as an whole in the way they handle business. I really love the way that they have improved their plans and they seem to be better prepared as a company. I think Verizon is the way to go.

  • Verizon is definitely the better network.

    The question of which network is best for the iPhone surely must boil down to a question of who has the best data network, as no other network-related factor affects the performance of an iPhone more than access to data. In this area, Verizon is the unquestioned winner over AT&T. Some consumers complain that Verizon is too expensive, but this is truly a case of you get what you pay for, as Verizon's higher service rates are directly related to greater investment in the infrastructure needed to provide users with excellent data coverage.

  • AT&T wins hands-down

    AT&T is the best network for the iPhone. There are very few problems with AT&T. In addition AT&T customer service is highly superior to Verizon's. I used to have Verizon myself and I wouldn't wish their bad service on any decent person out there. I also experience much less hang-ups with AT&T.

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