• Veterans are loved

    Yesterday was Veterans Day. We had an assembly at my high school where a blind veteran came in and shared his story. We then celebrated with music. When the veteran stood up to speak, he got a good 30-45 second applause, so did the other veterans in the room. Students and adults recognize what veterans have done for us and there is no doubt that they are respected.

  • Respect shown for Veteran's Day

    Veteran's day is discussed in classrooms across the country. Children are reminded of the sacrifices that Veteran's made for the freedom of the country, and learn the heartbreak and hardships that families endured during times or war. While many don't agree that war based video games show respect for fallen solders, I believe that it has done exactly the opposite.

  • We always remember our veterans.

    In this country one thing that remains constant is that we pay our respects to our veterans for the service they have done for this country. All throughout the country we pay tribute to our veterans in many different ways, whether it is giving discounts on food at restaurants, parades, or movie marathons.

  • Veterans day is respected.

    Veterans day is definitely still a respected holiday. People value the work done by the military but more specifically they appreciate the soldiers that give their lives in the service of protecting their people. People remember what they have done and what they sacrificed for their country, it is clear to see on social media.

  • Yes, it is still observed as an important day of remembrance over the world.

    While it may seem that over time the number of people looking at history has diminished, Veteran's Day which coincides with Armistice Day and Remembrance Day all over different countries involved in the First World War remains an important celebration. People wear red poppies, sing the national anthems of their respective homelands and continue to remember the many lives that were lost in the tragedy of wars throughout human history.

  • Veteran's Day is still a respected holiday.

    Military veterans often receive special treatment in their respective countries due to the sacrifices they made during wars. Different countries handle this differently: some openly support veterans through government programs, while others ignore them. Veterans are also subject to illnesses directly related to their military service such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). War veterans are generally treated with great respect and honour for their contribution to the world and country by their own nationals. Conversely there are often negative feelings towards the veterans of foreign nations held long after the war is over; for example towards the German Nazi soldiers, yet they are no less veterans of war than those of the winning side. There are exceptions. Veterans of unpopular or lost conflicts may be discriminated against. Veterans of short or small conflicts are often forgotten when the country fought bigger conflicts. In some countries with strong anti-military traditions (e.G., Germany after 1945), veterans are neither honoured in any special way by the general public, nor have their dedicated Veterans Day, although events are sometimes orchestrated by minority groups.

    Many countries have longstanding traditions, ceremonies, and holidays to honour their veterans. In the UK "Remembrance Day" is held on November the 11th and is focused mostly on the veterans who died in service to the monarch and country. A red or white poppy is worn on the lapel (for remembrance or for peace, respectively) in the weeks up to the date, and wreaths and flowers laid at memorials to the dead.

    In Russia, a tradition was established after World War II where newly married couples would on their wedding day visit a military cemetery. In France, for instance, those wounded in war are given the first claim on any seat on public transit. Most countries have a holiday such as Veterans Day to honor their veterans, along with the war dead.

  • Not for many.

    It's a lot more difficult to respect someone who willingly participates in actions you don't respect than it is to respect someone who doesn't have a choice (drafted). I think the idea is great, fighting for freedom and for the defense of our country. I just don't agree that's what's actually happening.

  • No because veterans are not payed enuff

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