Is vice regent "mentally hadicapped" (he posts the how do athiests...Debates)

Asked by: Dirty-Morgs
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  • ATheist on Religion Section?

    Who indeed IS the handicapped one? Vice for being on a Religious Section, questioning Atheist?
    Or the Atheist BEING ON a Religion Section of a Debate Board?

    I mean if you polled the entire Board membership on HOW MANY of them inhabits Sections they've LITERALLY NO interest in and or HATE .... I think it is fair to say .... NONE of the vast membership DOES THAT?

    Course the vast membership isn't being PUNISHED by God. So they HAVE a choice. Not the Atheist though. He IS under punishment of God, and because of this he (ATHEIST) MUST remain on the Religion Section. What's worse is they ALL BELIEVE they WANT to BE on the Religion Section. Ask them? They'll tell you that themselves?

    No joke guys, not a single atheist has a clue he's being punished. They THINK it's their OWN idea! Imagine, you hate God, you hate scriptures about God, you hate people who CLAIM to believe in God ...... BUT, you have to sit here, day after day and LISTEN to people praising God. ON A RELIGION SECTION... AND YOU WANT TOO! ................ WOW,

    Clearly Vice Regent is NOT the mental one after all.

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