• They are addictive

    Violent Video games are addictive because people (mostly kids) will want to keep playing the video game and that is when it turns dangerous. If you keep playing your eyes can get badly injured and you might go blind. That is why I think video games are addictive and dangerous.

  • Video game's effect

    The removal of digital media/video games resolves meltdowns, Poor academic performances (Mostly reading, Verbal skills and writing), Mental illness and autism, According to Dr. Victoria Dunckley. Young kids also run the risk of getting 'Deep Vein Thrombosis' when on a marathon gaming sessions. 50 percent of people who suffer from gaming addiction have underlying psychiatric problems, Like depression and post traumatic stress disorder

  • Yes, Without Any Doubts

    Right now, games provides almost anything a person could ever ask for, from rewards to a new ID, even a new world when the person can be anything he wants, that's one, the second one is the sense of achievement and gratification that the person achieves by accomplishing tasks and quests or anything like that in the game is somewhat hard to achieve in REAL life as a results once the person join the game he can't just walk away without thinking about coming back.

  • Real as can be

    Scientists have shown that anything can be addicting in fact typing can be addicting
    In fact,My step mom is addicted to a game called hay day
    My brother is addicted to a game called star wars commander. The rest is fill up. H h h h h h h h

    Posted by: 5r
  • Video games are addicting!!!!

    Video games are addicting because sometimes, we have nothing to do during the day. So, you buy a gaming console. You play the game, more, and more, and more...
    Until it becomes an addiction. I think that video games are over rated, and are stupid. But that's my opinion.
    Thank you.

  • Some are unable to pull themselves away from games

    Yes, video games can be an addiction. Just like someone can be addicted to alcohol and drugs because they fulfill a need, the video game may fulfill a need in the individual. A person may be addicted to being able to live a certain life through the game. Some people are addicted to substances and shopping, I don't see why video games could be any different.

  • Yes, it's completely real.

    It's the same as any other addiction. It lets you feel a certain way and thus can become addictive.
    There have even been multiple cases of genuine addiction, the most serious of which have lead people to the extremes of selling organs or children, or locking themselves in a room to avoid the 'real world'. Which show remarkable similarities to the actions of class A drug addicts or alcoholics.

  • What Has the World Become?

    Are you braindead? Having an addiction can mean drugs, Alcohol, Smoking and other things like that. People do this to "relieve stress" even though it makes you more stressed out. Gaming can't be an addiction because you can't just accidentally pick up a controller and start playing. It may be true that people can live a new life through games but what about fps games? What about horror games? You can't live new lives through these types of games. Plus mobile gamers aren't gamers. Whoever thought that tho XD

  • It is not only the video game that need to be seen as addictive

    We love to play many thing, playing is addictive. Video game is the cheapest & save way to give a bit of taste of the real thing. Some may prefer hunting game ( real animal for food ), if they test shooting a deer in video game, they would say it is not even close.

    1 game is not addictive enough to be concerned because we'll get bored of it, unlike drugs or caffeine that needs to be pumped inside every now and then.

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