• The government's actions are not always good.

    The police are often times busy with things that do not really matter so sometimes we need to have someone willing to risk their life to make others lives better. Therefore I am completely for someone taking up a moral crusade to make my life quite a lot better for free.

  • Yes. No. It depends.

    It depends what you're talking about. The Guardian Angels are a bit like vigilantes, but not even close to the flashy characters like Paul Kersey in Death Wish, or perhaps the Green Arrow in DC Comics or the TV show "Arrow", which I'm actually a big fan of.

    I think if a citizen has an opportunity to subdue a criminal, they should be able to, without question, provided they do not use excessive force and follow the standard that law enforcement would.

    I think when people think about vigilantes, they think about people who are out to punish/kill/execute criminals. That's an extreme example, and in my opinion, are only justifiable in very specific and extreme circumstances. For example, though it's a little crazy, vigilantism in Mexico, with violent drug cartels running around, is beginning to become necessary. When a small group is terrorizing a country and the government and law enforcement cannot handle it, especially in fear that their families will be killed because of their involvement, I believe that any logically thinking individual would agree that it should now be in the hands of the people, the many, who have been pushed too far. Because as everyone knows, a person pushed past their limits can be dangerous. Better off taking down relentless criminals that will kill on sight than continue to be held hostage, isn't it? Even still, many of these vigilante groups in Mexico are jailing these individuals if they are able to capture them without being shot at. Sounds like that of regular law enforcement, doesn't it?

    But I think if a vigilante were to follow the law as police do, simply catch/subdue criminals, and then have them arrested by police or deliver them to such a place, then that wouldn't be too outlandish to think about.

    When it comes to a situation where someone just got robbed for their wallet and a vigilante comes out of an alley and puts a bullet in his back, that's the point when we get into really questionable territory and vigilantes start to be seen as negative.

    I think it comes from what your perspective in the type of "vigilante" that we're talking about, is. I don't think someone would be against making citizens arrests, would they?

  • We need justice

    I'm not saying they should go around killing and shooting, but vigilantes can be helpful for our community, catching harmful criminals or thwarting drug gangs. There is far too much corruption inside the executive branch and the police are becoming useless. Vigilantes are most certainly needed in these troublesome days.

  • Vigilantism is a good thing

    Vigilantism is a good thing as the way that the government deals with things are not always right. For example the minimum jail time for a pedophile is 3 years with parol. This is ignorant justice being dealt by the government and with people who consider themselves as vigilantes, taking the law into their own they serve the real justice that people deserve.

  • The green arrow

    Has the green arrow ever been wrong look up captain Australia he is a vigilante altho he has saved many lives and taken down a lot of criminals isn't that a good thing, yes people get hurt but only if they deserve it. Vigilantism is a good thing. If the vigilante is wrong, its not like the coppas have never been wrong

  • Yes, vigilantism is a good thing

    True, there are a lot of examples of bad vigilantes. But have you ever seen batman? Or kick-ass? In batman the city is rotting, where almost every cop and judge is crooked. And what does he do? He suits up and fixes it! If we make vigilantism legal then there will certainly be restrictions, just like we made guns legal, but there are restrictions to who can get one. Also, a lot of people are afraid of going to the police. A lot of people think that their problems are too petty, and that they will be ignored. With vigilantes, no problem is too small! In kick-ass, he has an entire website where people can anonymously email him and he will help them. I agree that vigilantes should stick close to the same code as cops, but if you can help somebody, you should do all you can to help that person! Look at all the crime that happens today! Murders and rapes and kidnappings! If you were one of those people who had something horrible done to you, wouldn't you feel safe knowing that there's someone to look over you? Someone that criminals are actually afraid of? People think that vigilantism will get out of control if we legalize it, but of couse we would make laws to restrict who can be one. So many people are getting away with murders and robberies and all sorts of stuff, but the government is fretting about vigilantes? They need to stop worrying about silly stuff and get down to actually solving actual crimes! This is madness! Vigilantes are a symbol of hope, and justice, and safety! If those are not the virtues of the police, then there is something wrong. If we don't legalize vigilantism then we will be in a very dark time, very soon. It's already starting, people afraid to walk the streets at night. Things are getting worse by the day, and something needs to be done!

  • Our justice system is an atrocious mess.

    We need vigilantes back... Without an example of justice (which our justice system is sure not capable of offering) people will do whatever they please. Lets look at child molesters, 5 to no years in jail. Is that really enough for scarring a poor child's entire life... I think not.Http://www.Nydailynews.Com/news/crime/woman-sues-ex-husband-du-pont-heir-dodged-prison-raping-3-year-old-daughter-article-1.1740180

  • Our system is too slow.

    Just think about it. When child killers, darkhearted police officers, or people who slaughter innocent people only to satisfy a blood lust get under the radar, it takes weeks, months, decades even before they get caught just because the courtroom likes to see evidence. We know they did it. We know they are guilty. We know they have the blood of countless innocent lives on their hands. Sons, daughters, families that did not deserve to suffer death at the hands of these demons. But they are able to destroy millions of these innocent lives simply because the courtroom likes to see evidence. And when they do, they only get ten years in prison at most! Ten years in a jail cell that is just like a five-star hotel room! Ten years of the taxpayers' money being wasted on these inhuman creatures! Even after being sentenced to death, if they get such a deserving sentence at all, the system waits decades more before giving these darkhearted beasts exactly what they deserve. Why? Because the courtroom likes to see evidence that they deserve it in the first place.
    If vigilantes were to return, then there would be numerous sinless lives spared. I am not saying that they should kill these people left and right and begin an age of anarchy. But I am saying that our society would be much better and far less dangerous if we had people working outside of the law to do the job that those who call themselves law enforcers clearly cannot do.

  • Who Agrees and Who Disagrees?

    The world has and almost always had crimes. Crimes matching with criminals, There are alot of crimes that have not been solved and stopped. Because there is only enough police and law officers to stop the more important crimes, when each crime needs to be stopped. Not just crimes but occasions like fires and deaths these crimes are accidents but still need to be stopped, people like The flash (not real YET) they can save people from fires and all sorts because they can get there before police and the victims still have enough time to survive. Vigilantism can be bad but mostly good because this world cannot handle much more as its handling. If nothing is done soon nothing may never be able to be done. People will die the world will die, criminals will rule and is this the way you want your family, friends future new borns to grow up in a community with death and violence i dont think so vigilantes may not be police or law but they are not afraid to do difficult things when peoples lives are in danger, the world needs vigilantes, Such as Arrow the arrow is easily made up just a bow and arrow and some fighting/survival techniques but shooting someone with a bow and arrow can be dangerous, but it may be the only way in the future you may die from a criminal or you may be able to protect yourself now is your time to decide on yours and your families future. Make the change, many have failed to do, make the world of crime and violence into the world you believe it needs to be. :)

  • Vigilantes save people

    I know that vigilantes break laws but they save people while breaking these laws. Say that there was a hostage situation and the police couldn't get there in time. If this happens and there was no vigilantes some people might die in the process. What I am saying is that vigilantes are a help to society even if they break laws

  • Just no.......Just no.

    Vigilantes can have bias.....And maybe they want revenge. What if someone stole a dollar from a vigilante and he/she murdered the thief? They just stole a dollar but got killed. Is that fair? No. But can it happen? Absolutely. Vigilantes are criminals punishing other criminals. It doesn't make sense and it's not fair.

    Posted by: dor
  • Vigalintism is bad, even if it seems right

    Vigalintism is bad, even if it seems right. I know the vigilantes think they are doing something right by doing the job of police officers, but they are interfering with the justice system we have in place. Vigilantes do have the right to punish bad people, but they need to do so based on the law system we have in place, otherwise it can't get out of control and who is to say if justice was served.

  • No, vigilantism is a bad thing.

    I do not think that vigilantism is a good thing. I think that it can become a very dangerous thing when everyday citizens start taking the law in their own hands. People need to trust in the law enough to let the government and law enforcement punish those who are criminals.

  • Vigilantism is not good.

    Vigilantism is not good. We cannot have every person on a one-man mission. We have a set of laws in this country and we should adhere to them. If we choose not to follow the law, it should be addressed in the courts, not on the streets. One person should not be allowed to decide who is right or wrong and then take justice into their own hands.

  • No! No! No!

    Well, people are evil out there. You never know what people might do to you. Vigilantism is a bad thing because you are breaking the law to catch criminals. Doesn't that make you a criminal yourself? Another vigilante could technically punish you for that! And it's just plain and awfully wrong.

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  • Vigilantism has bad Influence

    Although many vigilantes stop crimes like muggings, shootings, and rapes; this is real life. Many vigilantes usually kill the supposed suspects. This is not always fair. You cannot kill someone for stealing a charm bracelet.

    On the other hand many people think, "What if vigilantes came up with better or non lethal ways of taking down criminals for more minor crimes? That sounds like a perfect idea, they would be able to establish a virtual court with a judge."

    Although this sounds like a good idea, some people do will not comply. There will always be bad vigilantes out there, and if history repeats itself, the following generations will always turn corrupt. There is no way of making vigilantism 100% safe and clean.

  • NO!NO! NO! O

    In 1880 The Donnellys from Ireland emigrated to Lucan Ontario. They were a family of 8. They did some awful crimes like killing a man, Burning a house and technically running the whole town. But the whole town hated them, bullied them and blamed them for everything. One night a vigilante committee went into the Donnellys home and murdered them. That was very unfair because the Donnellys were proved with innocence. People wanted to get rid of them as soon as they came to Lucan. They were a nice family just treated very poorly. So the Vigilance committee killed innocent people.

  • Viligante is not a bad person

    Because if this, a vigilante goes all out in the meaning of justice and for alk that is right, therefore remembering the movie Death Wish 1, whom did we forget the plot of that movie? When Charles Bronson defied all what is wrong just to rectify, to sacrifice of what is right. If being a bad vilante, well who is to really judge, unless if we were in their shoes. What are we man or mouse? Have we rights, and within those rights know right, and wrong? Well, if I was to become a vigilante, it woyld mean one thing. That the justice system is is wrong and all that I am setting myself

  • It is against your rights

    Vigilantes punish people without going through the 5th 6th and possibly 8th amendment rights. They are also inflicting on your rights. When arrested you need to know your rights and and you also need to be presented before a court with a lawyer. Some dude with underwear on his head cant come beat you up because he heard from billy two trailers over that you committed a crime.

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