• Legalize vigilantism now.

    As long as you can prove that the violence was provoked it should be legal to physically abuse a person. This would create order. Peace is only a possibility if everyone is lawful. Sadly not everyone is lawful but mentally ill or anarcvhists or insane. Peace is absurd. Fascism does not believe in it. However if you kill someone you still should be a week in jail. And if you torture a criminal a day in jail, Unless you are a cop. Then you will be sentenced to maximum jail time for corruption. If the cops don't want vigilantes they should have stopped the criminal themselves.

  • There is a big flaw in law

    Police arrested 8-year old autistic kid because he threated to kill the teacher when he defended himself from a bully, While a girl was bullied so much that she committed suicide. Even after her death the bullies made meme about her. But no one arrested those bullies and the school did nothing

  • Only, And ONLY if its done right.

    This is also a reason why I could say no. There are lots of different types of vigilantes, There are those like "Vigilante Spider" (Appropriately named. ) That solve problems with their words, Convincing unlawful men and women to turn themselves in before they ruin their lives, And there are those who can and probably will resort to violence if needed. I believe if you do not fly too close to the latter, You can rightfully stop a crime without having to resort to conflict.

  • Vigilantism is good

    They risk their lives for the greater good. I know that people don't like them because some of them break the law. But some laws are unnecessary. And some of them try to not break the law. They just want to help out. But they only get discrimination when they try to help.

  • Vigilantism is a cure. . .

    People rely on the police to keep them safe. That's the problem. The police only arrive after the crime has taken place. That's like. Trapping the fox as he's comin' out of the hen house. If a man really wants to protect what's his. He has to do it for himself. Plus, I don't like those bastard step on earth and ruins someone life again.

  • Why vigilantism is a cure. . . .

    People rely on the police to keep them safe. That's the problem. The police only arrive after the crime has taken place. That's like. Trapping the fox as he's comin' out of the hen house. If a man really wants to protect what's his. He has to do it for himself. Plus, Why we want to let them live? People who doing something good is people who worthy to live. People who committed sin is people who leave destruction everywhere they go

  • There are civilians and there are citizens.

    We are all a part of society, We are society and 'a well armed society is a polite society'. Each individual person is responsible for the defense of their country, Their country being their fellow man. You can either be a resident civilian, Living purely to to gratify your bodily needs and then eventually die, Or you can be something more, A citizen. "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state. . . ". A militia is not an entity of government, Each citizen is the militia, And it is his duty to defend, First those dearest to him and second his fellow man. It is by this natural law of love that society is built. Someone who takes responsibility for being human will realize that self defense, Defense of others, And justice in general, Is not only a fundamental right but a duty. We must therefore all be vigilantes, Respecting the natural laws and rights granted by our Creator. To be less is to be nothing, Just a forgotten soulless civilian, Scarcely better than a pet animal.

  • John Hathorne the Vigilante:

    N2:No sus, No shoot
    N3:4 kinda sus (shot and got maf)
    D4:revealed as vig, Confirmed
    N4:8 sus (oops shot the survivor)
    D5:2 cc'd vig, Shooting tonight
    N5:shot 2, Oops they were really vigilante
    D6: well not here anymore
    N6:oopsie doopsie diddly doo shot a townie so now in the poo

  • My Mommy Said so

    She said that the communist pigs are bad and that I need to stay in school so I can do good and then I will have friends. Does anybody want to be my friend? I like to draw and play video games like minecraft. My mom wants me to overthrow the government some day.

  • Yes, They 100% are.

    There is a lot of bias towards vigilantes, Especially from the (Questionable) US government. It's true, Vigilantes are just people, But you could say the same about a police officer. The only difference is that police are supported by our (Again) questionable government, And justified by the law. The law is not moral, It is simply a form of government power (although it often does involve some moral value in it). So are vigilantes great? Not particularly. But I believe they still do better than the police at their job.

  • Just no.......Just no.

    Vigilantes can have bias.....And maybe they want revenge. What if someone stole a dollar from a vigilante and he/she murdered the thief? They just stole a dollar but got killed. Is that fair? No. But can it happen? Absolutely. Vigilantes are criminals punishing other criminals. It doesn't make sense and it's not fair.

    Posted by: dor
  • Vigalintism is bad, even if it seems right

    Vigalintism is bad, even if it seems right. I know the vigilantes think they are doing something right by doing the job of police officers, but they are interfering with the justice system we have in place. Vigilantes do have the right to punish bad people, but they need to do so based on the law system we have in place, otherwise it can't get out of control and who is to say if justice was served.

  • No, vigilantism is a bad thing.

    I do not think that vigilantism is a good thing. I think that it can become a very dangerous thing when everyday citizens start taking the law in their own hands. People need to trust in the law enough to let the government and law enforcement punish those who are criminals.

  • Vigilantism is not good.

    Vigilantism is not good. We cannot have every person on a one-man mission. We have a set of laws in this country and we should adhere to them. If we choose not to follow the law, it should be addressed in the courts, not on the streets. One person should not be allowed to decide who is right or wrong and then take justice into their own hands.

  • No! No! No!

    Well, people are evil out there. You never know what people might do to you. Vigilantism is a bad thing because you are breaking the law to catch criminals. Doesn't that make you a criminal yourself? Another vigilante could technically punish you for that! And it's just plain and awfully wrong.

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  • Vigilantism has bad Influence

    Although many vigilantes stop crimes like muggings, shootings, and rapes; this is real life. Many vigilantes usually kill the supposed suspects. This is not always fair. You cannot kill someone for stealing a charm bracelet.

    On the other hand many people think, "What if vigilantes came up with better or non lethal ways of taking down criminals for more minor crimes? That sounds like a perfect idea, they would be able to establish a virtual court with a judge."

    Although this sounds like a good idea, some people do will not comply. There will always be bad vigilantes out there, and if history repeats itself, the following generations will always turn corrupt. There is no way of making vigilantism 100% safe and clean.

  • NO!NO! NO! O

    In 1880 The Donnellys from Ireland emigrated to Lucan Ontario. They were a family of 8. They did some awful crimes like killing a man, Burning a house and technically running the whole town. But the whole town hated them, bullied them and blamed them for everything. One night a vigilante committee went into the Donnellys home and murdered them. That was very unfair because the Donnellys were proved with innocence. People wanted to get rid of them as soon as they came to Lucan. They were a nice family just treated very poorly. So the Vigilance committee killed innocent people.

  • Viligante is not a bad person

    Because if this, a vigilante goes all out in the meaning of justice and for alk that is right, therefore remembering the movie Death Wish 1, whom did we forget the plot of that movie? When Charles Bronson defied all what is wrong just to rectify, to sacrifice of what is right. If being a bad vilante, well who is to really judge, unless if we were in their shoes. What are we man or mouse? Have we rights, and within those rights know right, and wrong? Well, if I was to become a vigilante, it woyld mean one thing. That the justice system is is wrong and all that I am setting myself

  • It is against your rights

    Vigilantes punish people without going through the 5th 6th and possibly 8th amendment rights. They are also inflicting on your rights. When arrested you need to know your rights and and you also need to be presented before a court with a lawyer. Some dude with underwear on his head cant come beat you up because he heard from billy two trailers over that you committed a crime.

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