• Monkey see, monkey do

    I believe children's unacceptable violence behavior is based on what he/she watches. They latest kids shows and movies all involve beating up "bad guys", even thought that might be good in your eyes you have to think about what it really means. Hitting people -good or bad- is not right at all and all these shows of battling bad people influence kids to hit and hurt other people.

  • Yes, it is learned - we have evolved beyond it otherwise

    Can humans be violent? Yes. Are they naturally violent? No.

    If humans were instinctively and inherently violent, I don't see that the internet never mind a website based on peaceful debate could even exist. Humans do not have claws, scales or horns. Humans are a relatively weak animal, not even fully maturing for 1/3-1/4 of their life span.

    In general, people are mostly peaceful to each other. Violence committed by humans is often attributed to and also develops extreme cases of mental illness and anguish - consider how many soldiers have PTSD, or that PTSD even exists.

    We are not built for violence, and it usually has a huge amount of negative consequences. Children who are spanked, for example, can lose up to 10 IQ points, all else being equal.

  • Be Careful, You Never Know Who Is Watching You

    I believe that children learn a great deal from home, and family life. I believe that we adults/parents lead by example. For instance children learn to clean up after themselves, wash, shave, vulgar language, smoking etc, and with that being said I also believe that they mimic other actions that they see their parents engaged in.

    If a child witnesses a parent or sibling reacting to an unwanted situation violently they will grow up believing that this is the way to handle this situation.

  • It is a Learned Behavior

    Yes violence is a learned behavior. There are many studies out there that show that if a person is exposed to a lot of violence through any medium they are more inclined to become violent over time. Violence is not completely learned but it does play a large part on someone.

  • No i don't think so

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  • Violence is an instinctual human behavior, it is not learned.

    We are born with the capacity to be violent, not because it was taught to us, but b/c it is a part of our DNA. As a child, when you got hit, is your first instinct not to hit back? Are you going to blame that on being taught violence from your parents, or b/c you are a sovereign person? Who started the trend of abuse via physical violence anyway*? Being exposed to violence will trigger your violence to activate more so, b/c violence is to be used to defend not to offend. Wake Up Sheeple.

  • Violence is not learned, it is a natural human instinct.

    As a child, I did not have to be taught to defend myself, if I get hit, my initial reaction is to defend myself and hit back. This is violence just as domestic abuse is, however personal defense is instinctual, abuse is the trend of our history, it is not new. When we awaken to the truth and to the skeletons in our own closets, then we can accept violence for what it is and understand the place it has and needs to be kept. Only to be used when necessary, never to disrespect. Who taught abuse through violence in the first place, anyway? *

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