• Yes, violence against women can be justified.

    I think in a case of self defense that violence would be very justified. Women do commit violent crimes, and they would have to be stopped with violence not reasoning. I would also use violence against a woman that was attempting to kidnap a child whether or not she was being violent herself.

  • The whole argument is wrong in principle.

    The issue of weather violence against women or men is justified is useless, because it is really violence against a person in the end. If force is iniciated by a person against another, the victim or potential victim has every moral right and obligation to defend himself or herself against the attacker. Force is by its very nature against the requirements of a human being's life, force is the antithesis of reason, and therefor the antithesis of anything good or moral, so basically, violence against ANYONE is never justified, unless someone is iniciating the use of force against your faculty of reason and volition.

  • Violence is always an option to use against anyone.

    Though it should be very far down on your list, it is so very kindergarten to say, "You should never hit a woman." I have seen instances of a man being the abused one in a relationship. Or a mother beating (not spanking, beating) her children. Or these crazies drowning their kids in a bathtub/lake/body of water. Also, women sometimes feel the social stigma of hitting a woman is a shield to hide behind to say/do horrible things to men because they know they won't get hit. Like Daniel Tosh said, "There is a gray area." On the other hand, I pulled a gun on my next door neighbor because I heard him beating the crap out of his wife through a wall. I kept it on him until the cops showed up to deal with him. He deserved a little violence too.

  • Yes, in the same cases as it is for men

    Self-defense is the clearest reason to justify violence, though I would not go as far as to say there are no other cases. Such as in the defense of others. There could also be some extreme provocations where some level of violence is justified. Say a wife/gf that was using a husband money to pay for another man whom she was sleeping with would justify at least a good slap follow by a breakup.

  • In one and only one situation

    If your life is in danger, the gender of the attacker goes out the window. That's it. So, technically yes, it can be justified in extreme cases. In virtually all it's reprehensible and disgusting behavior that is unforgivable, but at a certain point you need to be able to defend yourself. As an aggressor it is never okay.

  • No violence is ever justified.

    Violence against anyone, man or woman, is never justified, unless it's self defense. Even then, it should be a very last resort and used as sparingly as possible. When defending yourself, you should use the least amount of force possible to secure your own safety, and your intent should never be to kill the other person.

  • No it is not.

    Violence against women is never justified, but neither is violence against anyone else including men as well. People often see it as the woman wants to be treated as an equal to the men, but men are not supposed to be going around hitting on another either, so they should not be hitting the women too. Just like women should not hit each other, or hit men.

  • Yes at times

    Wearing provoking clothing accompanied with lewd gestures are some of the very common features found in most of the city girls today.If they are not paying minimum respect to our culture,how can they expect acceptability of their self imposed norms?Deviation from regular systems automatically attracts controversies and protests.So,there is a growing generalization of women community in society.Girls are thus watched in a common genre.In result to that today the majority goes through everyday harrasment thoughout the city and also mostly in the suburn areas

  • No, violence against women is not right

    It is true that in a self-defense situation, people may be forced into becoming violent against a woman. However, I feel this topic is not asking about violence that arises out of necessity, rather it is inquiring about domestic violence and other forms of violence against women. With that in mind, I do not think there is any way that anyone whose ideas come from this century could argue that violence against women is ever justified.

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