• Yes, violence in general against women is increasing

    Today, 6/9/16 a report states violence against women has risen despite for example only around 10% reporting rape and numerous physical assaults/psychological abuse before making it public. The perpetrators against most crimes are male, male on female and male on male, and this should be openly acknowledged and dealt with.

  • Disproportionate status and amalgamation of culture is the reason

    The rural and below the poverty line areas still carries the old Indian patriarchal view about women and their lifestyle. The stereotypical works associated to the females makes it almost impossible for the underprivileged and illiterate man to accept that women are equal to them. Moreover the gap in the lifestyle of poor and rich acts as a definitely contributing factor. It is still difficult for a nation to talk about sex , love and female earning members in a family. Laws are made just to cool down the voters and attract them towards the ruling party. There is hardly any serious effort made to make kids really understand and respect each other irrespective of gender. Education is the key solution that needs the attention in order to witness any sweeping change in the way a guy sees a girl. Atrocities towards women are basically the result of illiteracy. And yes the law needs a make over. Its no more the nation that can boast of offering the other cheek when somebody slaps on one.

  • Violence Against Women is on the Rise

    Unfortunately I feel that violence against women is increasing. The economy is one of the factors along with many others. This issue demands immediate attention so that we can bring it under control. No woman should have to suffer abuse due to world problems or issues. I can't stress the importance of this enough.

  • Yes, violence in general is increasing.

    Violence in general is increasing, but also against women. In Philadelphia, the murder rate increases every year. If we look at headlines they all point to increases in violence. Recently, in the Lehigh Valley area in Pennsylvania, a woman was found suffocated and then burned. There are numerous cases like this popping up all over the country.

  • What I'm seeing, it's the other way around

    Nowadays guys wouldn't harm a girl because they think it to be wrong. The girls don't mind though. Instead they use that as an excuse so when they hit the boys the boys wouldn't be able to hit them back. Keep your hands to yourselves. Other than that small rant, is girl abuse rising? Not in my opinion.

  • Violence Against Women Decreasing

    According to various studies, violence against women is actually decreasing in comparison to historic levels. Such violence is still too common for the average person's liking, but the rates continue to steadily decrease. Violence against men and women alike will never end, but violence is at a lower rate than in the past.

  • Kick in the balls (funny) kick in the vagina (not funny)

    In today's world we see it as perfectly ok for a woman to hit a man because we all think the man must have done something. But when we see a man hitting a woman, some wannabe hero always steps in to save the damsel in distress. Double standard anyone? In fact, we are demotion violence against women and promoting violence against men. In just about every sitcom, tv-show, and movie out there.

  • No Violence is not on the rise anywhere

    Violence is not on the rise, not against women or men, gay or straight. The big reason it could be perceived that violence is on the rise is that we are hearing a lot more about it. Rather it be on the news or in your local paper the media is a business and are motivated by sales. Over time the media has discovered that shocking stories generate more revenue. That coupled with the ease of information sharing due to technological advancement the media is heavily saturated with reports of rape, murder, cannibalism, and the general downfall of mankind. This is not the case however, as roughly the statistics indicate a decrease in some areas and a small increase in others. I believe that a set percentage of the average population is just apt to commit these atrocities, and that on average the amount of violence has been consistent, percentage wise, for a few hundred years. We just have more humans and more access to information.

  • No, violence against women isn't increasing, but reporting such violence is increasing.

    Spousal abuse, rape, incest, and the list goes on have been around since creation. What has changed, in my opinion, is that women are becoming more empowered to speak out about what happens to them. When I was a little girl in the 1970's, women who were abused by their husbands didn't talk about it and the police were helpless to assist. They blamed their bruises and broken bones on being clumsy or other things. Now we have shelters and domestic abuse laws.
    Rape victims before raps shield laws were nearly always "raped" again in court, if it even got that far. So many victims didn't even bother to report them.
    Child sex abuse such as incest and pedophilia simply wasn't discussed in polite company. Not to mention children weren't warned about such people because "nice people" wouldn't know anyone like that anyway. So no, I don't believe that the incidences have increased I just believe that we are hearing about them more.

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