• Yes.

    The nation was founded through violence. The patriotism aspect of our culture leads to violence. The right to free expression and guns is bound to lead to violence. Along with patriotism is the whole "super power" title that we so violently fight to keep. A great example would be Iraq.

  • We are a nation of differences and differences bring conflict and violence.

    Our nation was started as nation of many fighting for control of the new world. Once the nation was formed we fought with the natives of the land and the newcomers to our shores. We have freedoms other nations dream of, and with that freedom comes the freedom to express our self and violently at times. We are a nation of revolutionists and people angry at their lot seeking to improve their life even if violently fighting to change. We have many aspects to our culture, patriotism, loyalty, dedication to help our fellow man, and of course violence.

  • We Americans Are A Violent Bunch

    From the beginning even as the colonies our answer to everything was violence. As the first settlers came over peaceful dealings with the natives soon turned to violence. The founding of our nature was an act of violence as well as the expansion of our nation. We took land from one coast to the other from the native people.

  • Violence is everywhere

    Absolutely not, is violence strictly an inherent of part our U.S. culture. While I do think we have much more violent crimes and more violence in the media, violence is something that is all over the world, and takes place in every culture that already exists. It is not something just practiced in the states.

  • No, NOT inherent but it's part of our culture

    You would have to be blind not to see the violence in American culture. But it's not inherent. We don't need it. We can get rid of it.
    First, quit stressing about "success", chill and 'stress' happiness and well-being instead. That pushes a narrative into our minds about the point of life being all about "money". It is hallow and empty. It is the reason for much misery.
    Secondly, we need to quit being fearful of everything. You should read "The Culture of Fear". This also goes along with people need to think for themselves and stop letting the media do their thinking for them, like how the NRA thinks police in our schools is a solution to the nation's gun problems even though the gun problem is general, not just in our schools, schools are statistically safe compared to other less-reported places.

  • "Degree of Violence"

    Violence is everywhere. What matters is the "intensity" of violence in a particular community. Some members here would agree with U.S has indeed a violent culture. But let us take an example: Connecticut shooting vs Maguindanao Massacre in the Philippines. Philippines may not be a "violent country", but if you are going to compare the case of Maguindanao Massacre to Connecticut shooting, we can say that the Maguindanao Massacre is more bloody than the shooting happened in Connecticut.

  • Violence is inherent in certain cultures

    Violence is directly linked with competition. Whenever there is competition for resources (land, oil, food, water, etc), war will surely follow. With a global economy, we will go to war for our friends' causes, not just our own, simply for the sake of a good political move. The issue at hand in America is education. We lack it. This shows when we're put against a number of foreign nations, even those that aren't considered first-world -- we're at the back of the bus. We've linked democracy, patriotism and capitalism with Christianity. Those who don't follow God are therefore anything other than Democratic (Marxist, Socialist, Communist, etc). In America, we have a deep-rooted egocentric perspective -- it's all about ego and pride. Psychological research has shown that when someone so much as looks, talks or thinks something contrary to your own beliefs, if you are emotionally invested in those beliefs you behave mentally and physically the same as if someone were actually PHYSICALLY attacking you. Education, open-mindedness and shedding this egocentric attitude are the only ways to be rid of our competitive and violent culture.

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