• It's a double standard.

    As evident by April Fools pranks, darwin awards, Tosh, etc we love violence because it's funny as long as it's not happening to us.
    When women beat men then society says it's hilarious because it is. A man is supposed to be the physically stronger sex so when a lady beats the peanuts out of the men we laugh.
    When men beat women that deserve it then we condemn the men. Why the double standard?
    In my experience, Asians hold the title for most prolific wife beaters.

  • Violence isn't funny at all.

    I don't care who it's happening to, even if it's Kim Jong-un, violence is horrible and we shouldn't consider it funny. We laugh because that's just a natural instinct, but thinking of it as FUNNY goes way too far. I don't care who you are and who you hit, even if it is for the greater good, IT'S NOT F***ING FUNNY. A perverted jack*** tries to rape you and you punch him in the face? You go girl. You're an amazing person and he sure as h*ll deserved it. But I'm not gonna be laughing and pointing and f***ing bring it up all the time around him. That's just cold.

  • Violence is violence

    I would never hit a women so I'd expect to never be hit by one. I've been in an abusive relationship with my ex and it's not funny. Taking a red hot frying pan to the face and needing to go to the ER is not funny. Getting my ribs broken by my ex from a baseball bat is not funny. She's hit so many times in the private section I was peeing blood for weeks. And the doctor said I can't start a family because of her. So no women should be just as punished for commiting violence

  • It's Not Necessarily

    It depends on the situation. Violence isn't funny just on its own. There has to be something funny about it. A guy punches a guy because he feels like it - not funny. A woman kicks a guy in the nuts because he is acting like a perverted jackass - funny. However, the sex doesn't always determine the humor of violence.

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Jack_D says2015-06-19T16:21:48.333
(Cannot submit my vote). Violence is serious no matter who does it There is a double standard today , with male violence being treated as more serious than female violence. That is wrong; both legally and morally there is no distinction between a woman punching a person in the face and man punching them. It's an act of violence and aggression, either way.

To take a current example, as I watch the soccer tournament, I wonder if Hope Solo would have been suspended for her acts of violence--she punched her nephew in the face--if she were a man.