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Posted by: Zylorarchy

Duhhh obvious yes

  I think that violence is something that no one tend to disagree about. Why? Idk as yourself that. I mean we witness violence so much that it becomes a thing. I mean we dont just wake up as people in jail. Everything causes everything. If we dont have violence then the world would be completely different. We would all be the same, think about how creepy that would be.
GWL-CPA says2014-03-04T02:47:10.737
Wow, are you a stoner?
mysterious_chick says2014-03-06T00:23:28.183
Totally man totally!
TrueThinker112 says2014-04-11T17:28:18.793
Violence is only human.
TrueThinker112 says2014-04-11T17:29:23.503
By that I mean all humans have violent tendencies when enraged. I choose the wrong words for that statement, sorry for any confusion.
mysterious_chick says2014-04-13T21:30:43.980
No thats cool and i agree with you violence is human cuz nature is something that we can't control but we can control our actions. :)
TrueThinker112 says2014-04-15T16:25:51.250
True, we can restrain ourselves. Although it is not optimal for many situations, sometimes it is the only action. The idea of world peace is not really possible, unless humans changed our nature.
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