Is violence part of human nature? And if so, will it always be so?

Asked by: Zylorarchy
  • Yes and it always will be!

    Everyday life supports the motion that humans are naturally violent. Ever since the dawn of humanity wars have been fought over everything. Just look at the extremely bloody history of Europe? Now this is happening in the Middle East. Look at Ukraine and Syria. Somewhere in the world there is war.

    However it is more than that. We simply enjoy violence hence that is really why it is part of our nature. We "want" peace but violence is part of our culture. Look at violent gaming, violent films, even in music violence is prevalent. If humans were truly against such violence then we would not enjoy watching it happen in films, or making it happen in the virtual world of gaming. Violent crime is high in Western countries in the modern world and humans simply do not get along with one another whether it is country against country or domestic violence within the family home.

    As negative as this opinion is, I believe it is true and although many of us have the moral capabilities of containing our inner violent tendencies, it is clear that if violence was not human nature, then it would not be glorified as a form of entertainment. And I am no different, I like many enjoy violent gaming and movies...

  • Duhhh obvious yes

    I think that violence is something that no one tend to disagree about. Why? Idk as yourself that. I mean we witness violence so much that it becomes a thing. I mean we dont just wake up as people in jail. Everything causes everything. If we dont have violence then the world would be completely different. We would all be the same, think about how creepy that would be.

  • Difference exists and will always exists

    As a result of the chaos and difference in the world (economic, political, social), unhappiness as a result of blocked pathways to goals is inherent. Violence is inevitable when so many individuals with different desires interact because coinciding goals are sure to emerge with the amount of complexity present in nature.

    Just think about the many times you have been sad, angry, or even happy - yet there was someone who was less happy than you...

  • It has to do with greed and survival

    It comes from man's need to survive. Self-survival is the one thing that keeps us, as humans, still in existence. Unfortunately, along with the need to survive, comes greed coupled with ' belief'. Those elements, in conjunction, can create an extremely volatile combination. For example, if someone is simply trying to sustain themselves, in the direst of conditions, then they will do anything necessary to survive. If, however, someone is greedy...Along with trying to survive...Negating allll of the human qualities that make us unique individuals...Then that's another story. It's sad that a race that is capable of sharing with each other, under catastrophic circumstances and conditions, can also be a race that is willing to annihilate each other simply due to a difference of opinion or greed. But it comes down to survival. It always does.

  • Beat it with a stick!

    Has been the preferred method of problem solving for us humans, and with recent wars in the Middle East, soon in the Ukraine too, we do not seem to have changed, and are unlikely to progress more than a tiny step at a time.

    Also, we like to fight, our sexuality is closely tied in with the desire to dominate and conquer. Well, the male sexuality anyway.. :-)

    From a report on conditions in US prisons:
    "In prison, it's considered perfectly manly to rape someone as long as you're not the one being penetrated"

    That is not sex, that is violence

  • No No No

    It's a part of American nature. The other countries are really peaceful. For example, Russia is very nice to goto, especially the Ukraine. I'm sure the police officers there do not carry guns, and everyone is very friendly. In fact, they even have a 1% crime rate. All violence you see takes place in 'Murica.

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