• Yes i would say

    According to the US.Secret.Service and US Department Education says that 1/4(27%) of school shooter interest in violent movies and (24%) interest in violent books.Yes i would say both of them are bad influence especially for young people.And nowaday movies become more realistic than before and violent.Yes it actually bad i

  • No JUST NO

    XD that is the Dumbest thing i have heard. Same with video games. There was extreme violence in history. And wtf are we teaching are children in school? History...About what.? Roman beheadings ...Oh and the massive genocide of an entire people and their way of life through idk gas chambers and ovens.

  • That's an ignorant thought process.

    The problem is mental health, soft parenting, and a government that thinks they know how to raise our children better than we do.

    Yes, there are "abusive" parents that need review and their children taken away (I know this first hand from my childhood); however, our children these days understand that their parents can't raise their voices to them let alone whoop that a$#. Because of this our children are now overly confident and arrogant. I mean seriously, "You're grounded" and "go stand in the corner" is no replacement for a good ol' fashioned hide tanning. If you can't sit for an entire week without having a sharp and quick reminder of what you did wrong and the consequences of your actions, I guarantee you won't do it again.

    I watch these kids getting scolded by their parents, not even paying attention to them, and even saying things like "whatever mom, what are you gonna do about it?" Then everybody looks at them like "You need to get control of your kid." But then I see parents doing what they should be doing and embarrassing their kids whooping their backsides in front of their friends and everybody wants to call the police. Parents these days are helpless. Now we are starting to see parents embarrassed by their preteen and teen daughters dressing like little hookers and acting all promiscuous in public leading to early sexual behavior and pregnancy, people looking at the parents like they are horrible parents; then the parents put them on blast by dads walking around with them, the dad wearing booty shorts and shirts that say "My 12 year old daughter thinks this is appropriate clothing so I am seeing what she thinks about me wearing the same things." and all of a sudden the media is calling the parents bullies!!!

    Don't blame this crap on movies and music. Blame it on yourselves for being exactly what the world thinks we are here in America, over privileged, weak, yellow bellied softies too emotional to compete in the world.

  • Nothing is either good or bad but our thinking makes it so.

    Children, adolescents and adults can all routinely watch violent movies or read books with violent subject matter, but this isn't to say that watching/reading these things will result in people mimicking the violent tendencies/actions displayed within these books/movies. Whether something is a good influence or bad influence is dependent upon the individual who engages in these particular books/movies. If I enjoy watching violent movies or reading violent books, this doesn't mean that I am more inclined to act violent towards other people. We may be all subject to the same content ( violent movies/books) but how we process that content and how we LET the content influence us, is up to us.

  • As long as the viewer is responsible or has a responsible guardian.

    While being exposed to violence can create an attitude towards violence that makes people see it as normal, this attitude can be taken away by a responsible guardian to tell them that the behavior is wrong and if they're old enough to not have a guardian, they should have the responsibility to know that violent behavior is wrong.

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