Are violent movies and books actually a bad influence?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Violent movies are bade for kids under 16, because they do not know what is going on. People whit small kids should use common sense.

    Violence movies and shows should, of course, be banned, because when a young child stumbles upon it, watches it, and gets VERY interested in it, the child does not understand it is bad, and well, trys to be like those violent characters. And if those violent characters, for example, kicked someone in the stomache and run away, chances are, they are going to kick someone in the stomache, thinking that what they are doing is okay, because the character did not get into trouble. It's fine for the adults, of course, because to them it's just 'a show', but to some children, like if they watch 'The Boogeyman' and think he is real, they're going to think that show is 'real'. Also, those shows can show some things that, unfortunately, happened in real life, and then showing it on a television show is just as bad as it happening in real life.

  • This is bullshit.

    This notion of violence in videogames, Books, Movies, Etc. . . Causes violence (especially school shootings) is nonsense and has been debunked numerous times. The amount of violence in media has been increasing, But guess what? The number of homicides by firearms, And violent crimes altogether, Has been decreasing. This is just like saying videogames cause sexism.

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