Is virginity a real, tangible, measurable thing with clear parameters?

Asked by: KaleBevilacqua
  • Yes. Virginity is absolutely tangible!

    Yes. Being a virgin and the scientific principles behind it should not be brought into question. The science behind being a virgin is absolutely finite and cannot be debated. If the scientific parameters of virginity must be broken for medical reasons, a woman should still be able to claim her virginity.

  • Absolutely the truth

    Yes, l believe this to be true and makes perfect sense. My perspective is objective and purely reasonably sound. The time has come to make good choices and and it is important to have a viewpoint on lifetime issues. There is special purpose to every point of view of each and every person

  • It Is a Metaphor

    Virginity is a metaphor that is culturally defined. These definitions will be different from country to country. Virginity is best regarded as a state of mind and not a physical condition that can be measured or inspected. Somebody can easily have never had sex but have lost their sense of innocence in other ways.

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