Is Vladimir Putin a better Russian leader than Boris Yeltsin?

  • Putin is much better.

    Putin has his flaws (like high level of corruption), but almost everyone would be better than the traitorous drunkard Yeltsin. Russia is stronger under Putin and is also more prosperous. Putin has political will. Under Yeltsin it was just crime, destruction of the army, of health care, of education etc.

  • Vladimir Putin is a better Russian leader than Boris Yeltsin.

    Vladimir Putin is a better Russian leader than Boris Yeltsin. That would be leading though because they are both pretty bad when you compare them. Life under Putin is better in Russia then it was under Yeltsin. There is not much to like about Vladimir Putin because he is vain, runs a corrupt government and autocratic.

  • No, Putin has taken the backwards.

    No Vladimir Putin is not a better Russian leader than Boris Yeltsin, because Putin has taken Russia several steps backwards. Putin is making sure that Russia is more secretive and strictly controlled than it was in Yeltsin's day. Boris Yeltsin took some positive steps to make Russia more free. For that reason, Yeltsin is better than Putin.

  • No but he is good

    Putin is not better than Yeltsin but he is still good. Especially with the Olympics starting we can see how much pride and work Putin is putting into his country. He wants to re establish Russia as a major country in the world. He is not better than Yeltsin though who was a lot more involved politically

  • Putin is a corrupt wannabe dictator.

    Vladimir Putin is anything but a competent leader these days. I think when he took over from Yeltsin, he was a good choice and the economic expansion of Russia was at first a good thing. But I think all that money flowing in has corrupted him and caused him to try to become the next Russian dictator.

  • Vladimir Putin was never what Russia needed.

    Vladimir Putin is a corrupt thug who is attempting to bring back the worst of the Soviet era system, without actually resorting to Communism. It's pretty clear at this point he's rigging the elections to stay in power there. Also, his stance on human rights with regard to Russia's recent anti-gay laws is shameful and he should be shunned internationally for promoting hate.

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