• He's good for Russia at least.

    I wouldn't call Putin a great leader by Western standards, but he has held Russia together. He is a strongman I will admit, but I believe Russia needs a strongman, Russia isn't really ready for democracy yet. Now I'm not hating on democracy, all countries deserve democracy, but some aren't ready for it yet. Read about how polarized Russian politics are, we have Nazis, and Communists, better to have a moderate than one of those in my opinion.

  • Last man standing

    Putin is the last barricade against NWO, all western countries try to destabilize power gaining Russia, Great man wish him to beat the devil of USA and stop all cony wars inflicted by them. If Putin was not there, there would be at least ten more military conflicts around the globe.

  • Strong intelligent leader

    He is in charge. He is not a corporate puppet (hint Mr O). The country was on the brink of death when he took it over and it's grown like crazy. There are problems in Russia and lots of them. But one step at a time is better than nothing.

  • Putin the Great

    Today we see the new rise of my country under a strong President Putin, who has managed to create a strong economy and industry. Russians today are reacher then any other European nation. (just go to European best resorts and see, how many Russians are there).

    The first thing that Putin did in the office was, that he restored the Soviet Anthem with the new lyrics. That was very symbolistic for the whole nation, because our Anthem symbolizes the greatness of Russia, that Putin was going to bring back.

    He managed to overcome the problem of the external debt. Russia today doesn't borrow money from anyone, it gives money to loan to other countries. Just compare it to the U.S, that has an external debt, that is trillions and trillions of dollars.

    Putin boosted the industrial development of the country. Just for example, after 13 years of Putin's management Russia has 25% of world's gun market (the same 25% has the US, other countries share other 50%). The most modern technologies are used to design and assemble world's best guns, helicopters, planes. 80 percent of civilian cars in Russia are manufactured in Russia. Russia designs, manufactures and launches most of spaceships every year.

    Putin has completely destroyed Chechen terrorists, that led to the end of the Chechen war. Today Chechnya is completely restored and nothing there reminds people about the terrorist occupation.

    Our President has started the project of the Eurasion Union, that is going to be created in a few years. Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan have signed all documents and are currently working on creation of the new version of Russian Empire/Soviet Union, that will have the same currency, market, economy and political ideas. I think, that more and more countries will join the Eurasion Union to oppose future challenges.

    Putin's Russia is a country of the traditional values. The role of religions is very important in our country. 75% of Russians are Russian Orthodox Christians, other religions are also highly respected. Russian city of Kazan is the best example of Russian tolerance, 50% of people there are Christians and 50% are Muslims. They don't have any conflict and respect traditions of each others. The Cathedral of all religions was built in that city.

    Putin does represent Russia as a country that cares about the world's stability and peace. The best example is the current situation in Syria. Russia does not support an idea of giving weapons to the Syrian terrorist opposition by the Western countries. Unfortunately, most of the Western countries don't agree with us, that is why so many innocent people are murdered there every day.

    People in Russia have elected him 3 times, because they see the best results of his work. If Putin participates in the Presidental elections of 2018, I will vote for him.

    I understand, why Putin is demonized in Western media. They just want one more tragedy for my country, like it was in 1917 and in 1991.

  • Mr. President Putin is standing up against tyranny and Christian persecution.

    Mr. President of Russia.
    I am very grateful to Mr. Putin for standing strong against Obama and his illegal administration. Obama is an enormous embarrassment to The True American Patriot and I pray that Mr. Putin does not lump us all into the Obama category... Obama and the government have gone rogue and no longer represent the will of the people. We are currently preparing to overthrow this government of criminals and traitors. Signed Kelli D Gordon of Texas USA

  • Yes, he is a good leader.

    He is evidently supported by the citizens of Russia as he has been elected and re-elected. He is getting Russia moving economically and has respect of some of the other leaders in the world. He is working to boost national pride and getting people to support the things that will benefit the country.

  • Epic Leader of Russia

    Russia has remained a stable country since the disbandment of the USSR, it has an economy comparable to other modern countries, and has been able to defend itself militarily. Overall, I would say Putin is a good leader for the Russian people and should continue to hold power in that country.

  • Yes of course.

    Putin has had success in changing the world's view of Russia and the former Communist countries in Europe. He has also been doing a good job in balancing Russia's economy. He is putting great effort into maintaing good relations with the U.S. And other Western nations. For these reasons and more I believe he is one of the best leaders in the modern world, and history will remember him as a good leader.

  • Relatively speaking, Putin is a good leader.

    As Russian leaders have come and gone, Vladimir Putin is, relatively speaking, a good leader. He is not nearly as controversial as leaders who have gone before him, and has kept Russia fairly steady and contributed to an improved world view of Russia. Therefore, I believe he is a good leader.

  • He is strong-willed, and willing to help his people.

    As a citizen in the Western Nations, I realize that Russia is dramatically exaggerated as the devil-spawn in our area. That's why I took to learning the Russian language, so I could hear what Russians say for themselves. Now, I don't know all that much about history in Russia, but from what I have been able to see, I actually like Putin as a leader, and the Russians as a people. Sure, Russia may not be perfect, but they're doing a better job than the US at this time, and Putin seems more sane than most National leaders I know of today.

  • Putin is bad

    Putin is Russian and nobody likes Russians. Russian people have nukes and nukes ar bad. If there is a nuclear war, nobody would win, everybody would die. If everybody dies than people can't ride hover board in the future. Everybody wants to ride a real hover board because they are cool.

  • Remember Human Rights?

    Did everyone forget the anti-gay laws that were put in place? That's sick! At least we as a country and moving towards equality. Russia's "great leader" is bringing them far down and using propaganda to mess with their minds while he's at it. He's a dictator and like a modern Hitler.

  • He is breaking Russia apart!

    I would state that he isn't a strong leader not he is any good at being part of the G20, in fact he was kicked out. Countries have blackballed him because of his conquest of the west of trying to build up a country and go back to the day's of the Soviet days of former Russia. He is a puppet for anyone who will give him money aka; His palace by the sea. Ex: KGB and who would want that?

  • No. Vladimir Putin is not a good ruler.

    1) He's invading Ukraine.
    2) He isn't helping Russia.
    Even though Putin may look like a powerful ruler, he is just looking tough. He has pictures to make him seem such an invincible person even though he doesn't help Russian people.
    Okay you get my point, so... That's it now!

  • He's invading UKRAINE

    Look at what he is doing. He has invaded Ukraine and he is just a bad leader in my opinion. And he has all these little boys saying he is the greatest ever and that there is none better than him but they're wrong bunch of little girls who say that.

  • No he is not

    I feel that he is more of an out- for- self guy than a leader of Russia. Why is he like that I don't know but Putin is not the leader I would want. He is suppose to help the people of Russia NOT be some Macho-me guy. He is Practicly Big headed.

  • No, Vladimir Putin is not a good leader; he seems more interested in presenting himself as macho and tough than in helping the Russian people.

    Vladimir Putin has become somewhat of a caricature internationally, because of his authoritarian style and images of him shirtless on horseback or catching fish with his bare hands. Domestically, he has been widely criticized for running a mafia-style administration that is filled with corruption. Although he has overseen wide improvements in the Russian economy, he is seen as a dictator by many in his own country.

  • No. Not good at all

    He doesn't support peace but sits by and encourages the opposite. The reason Russia went into Ukraine was because Putin wants to return Russia back to the Soviet Union. He is doing this by taking down/ back one country at a time quietly through supporting rebels. He isn't silly. Russia supports rebels who wishes to occupy other countries. Putin could easily have prevented what is still going on in Europe. He could easily have put in safety measures to have enabled the inspectors to inspect the Malaysian aircraft but he didn't. He would rather the Cold War return where the Russian people live in fear where they discouraged to speak out and where they are forbidden to leave Russia safely and of their own free will if they choose to. Does a good leader increase energy prices so high to another country that people die of cold? That isn't a good leader, that is a dictator.

  • Hitler resurrected ?

    Hitler was arguably a strong leader. Just think about the consequences of the actions of that maniac!
    In my opinion Putin is a self-centred, power hungry egotist, obsessed with demonstrating his own importance to the rest of the world, not to mention a very guillable Russian population.
    Time will tell!

  • Hitler resurrected ?

    Hitler was arguably a strong leader. Just think about the consequences of the actions of that maniac!
    In my opinion Putin is a self-centred, power hungry egotist, obsessed with demonstrating his own importance to the rest of the world, not to mention a very guillable Russian population.
    Time will tell!

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