Is Vladimir Putin doing a good job with leading the Russian Federation?

Asked by: LiberalAgenda
  • Led the nation through the transition between Communism and Democracy.

    Putin has been one of the men in Russian history who will without a doubt be remembered for a long time. Look at the statistics, during his power, Russia's economy was doing considerably better than it had been for very long time. It does not matter what he is doing to the U.S., I am asking if he is leading Russia well.

  • From Russia with love.

    I know lets ask the gays and lesbians of Russia if he is doing a good job. Or the government of the Ukraine and the Dutch relations of those innocents on the plane that was shot down. Or the press. Or Atheists in an ever religious intolerant Russia. Or the many opposition leaders who were openly silenced.
    In the 80s when communism was in full swing I very much wanted to visit Russia or the USSR as it was, now not so much.

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