• Personal experience and observations.

    In my area we have had 2 elections where votes in certain areas disappeared for as much as 8 hours only to find when all the votes were counted a candidate won by a few votes having been behind before the missing votes reappeared. But officially there was now hint of fraud. Amazing!

  • What Isn't Seen...

    People see what the want to see. What they often don't see is the twelve thousand noncitizens registered to vote in Colorado and the 5,000 who voted in 2010. When we look for the crime; crime is often found. We should look for the fraud and we will find it.

  • Yes, very much so

    Particularly in this last election. Many precincts received more votes than there were people registered in the precinct. This was especially apparent in swing states such as Ohio. Even in a conservative state like Wyoming they had some of these issues. Requiring Ids to vote would be part of the solution but not the whole solution. Better trained poll-workers being another.

  • Yes, voter fraud is always a problem

    While there are many countermeasures to prevent voter fraud, I believe that it is always an issue and should be monitored closely in each election. There are always people and groups that throw ethics and morals to the side in order to achieve their aims. We should remain vigilant to prevent voter fraud because it sometimes only takes a minimal number of votes to affect the outcome of a given election.

  • I don't believe it's a problem

    There are many that like to fear monger about voter fraud and while there may be some cases that need to be looked into it's a very small problem in this country.

    I don't believe there is widespread voter fraud occurring nearly as much as voter suppression is happening in these Unites States of America which should be looked into more deeply.

  • NO

    If you are living in the same universe with the same facts, then it is impossible to think it is a problem without being severely mislead or self-deluding. All the studies and statistics out there show that voter fraud is close to non-existant, and the measures being put in place to combat a non-existent issue are a serious threat to our liberties.

  • Despite Billboards in Ohio, Voter Fraud Not Rampant

    Billboards in Ohio warn that voter fraud is a felony. Recent cases such as the GOP's contractor in Florida that got in trouble for turning in illegal voter registrations have put the focus of the 2012 election where it shouldn't be. Voter fraud should not happen in a modern society with computer checks and address verification. The problem lies with corrupt individuals who try to influence an election for their own gain. Election officials should be held accountable for any loopholes. Voter fraud isn't rampant, but any instances should be easily rooted out. Not many dead people vote anymore.

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