• Yes, its always been an issue

    If they could change the way the system works,maybe you have a different results. I think a progression towards a technological innovated election would help. If it was conducted by a hack proof application at the voter booths, it would be a much better system for the calculation of results.

  • Who Really Won

    The fact that every state or nation wide election has some whispering of voter fraud is an important thing. There's always the question of whether votes are being bought or if the democratic progress really was at work. The fact is, that a vote should not be bought or faked, and the problem grows more and more.

  • Yes, there is more and more anger over it.

    These elections keep getting more and more out of hand, and by that one could also mean corrupt or fraudulent. No one wants to vote and realize that it was not worth anything at all, and in that same respect no one wants to hear that the epitome of democracy it fraudulent.

  • I Don't Think So

    I do not believe voter fraud is becoming a problem in America. A person is only allowed to vote once and pretty much every state has made it a requirement to display ID before voting. I think with these measures it is unlikely that voter fraud is common in America.

  • No, I don't think voter fraud is becoming a problem in America.

    While voting fraud will always be around regardless of what measures are taken to prevent it I don't think voter fraud is large enough in America to be considered a problem, America has some of the toughest and most secure methods of protecting voting integrity then almost any other nation in the world.

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